Detroit's nightlife is synonymous with music. It devours rich music and with its rich history ranging from jazz to garage rock, it has a great musical influence dating back to so many generations before. These night clubs in Detroit attract artists and musicians from round the country who get enticed by Detroit's cheap urban rentals.

People once loved to hate this place. Not any more! Detroit, the Motor City, birthplace of Motown and Detroit Nightclubsthe line that reformed American factories is now a revitalizing city extraordinaire. Jazz music is the soul of Detroit's music scene. Musical acts are always playing at the city's many venues.

Detroit is known for its lively music scene and is hometown to many record labels. It has a rich heritage of producing umpteen numbers of world-famous singers and musicians. It offers bars, concert venues, music halls, night clubs, and live music. While experiencing the new-age Detroit, one can soak up in its history at Hotel Pontchartrain.

At Metro Detroit, nightlife play is the major part of the entertainment arena, right from the city to the suburbs. Long standing venues, stand – alone nightclubs, casinos, cocktails, DJs and dancing – without a cinch of doubt, Detroit's clubs provide the hottest entertainment

Detroit houses numerous well-known bars and night clubs. Whether it is dance clubs, Irish pubs, lounge bars or outdoor patio bars, one can indulge in the best nightlife in Detroit.

Motor City, Casino Hotel – Sound Board is the most innovative live performance theatre. It features some of the biggest names in entertainment. It can serve around 1,500 guests at a Time.

To experience the diversity in entertainment, you need to checkout Detroit's bars and their gamut of club scenes. Check out the city's alternative weekly – Metro Times for a complete run-down of events. However, never forget to squeeze into some of these famous clubs whenever you get a chance.

Nightlife is anchored brilliantly in the heart of the city and is nothing short of astonishing. It fulfills every one's nightlife fantasies. Elegant dining, high city lights or a gleaming river below – Detroit is so distinct. If your fun is blue neon portal and you happen to be a high-energy dance addict, Club Bleu is your destination. You can enjoy a concert at Symphony Orchestra Hall, in case you opt for a quieter setting. Don't miss the 100 year old waterfront mansion dining with string quartet at Whitney.

Greek Town Casino

This casino is a gambling haven. More than 70,000 square feet of space, around 2,400 slot machines and over 80 gambling tables, this casino is always the centre of excitement and high-octane gambling. Additionally, it is the only casino nightclub in the city functioning on both Thursdays and Fridays.

Old Shillelagh Pub, Corktown, which was once was the jostling force of Detroit, has vanished to the suburbs now. The Old Shillelagh is still Irish to the core. It is the jamboree for Celtic crowds. Traditional Irish Music, food and tarts are served here.

Baker's Keyboard Lounge

This is the pioneer jazz club throughout the world. Baker's is a Piano – shaped bar that has been having a continuous run since 1934. Stellar Jazz of Baker's Keyboard Lounge is legendary. Whatever your nightlife is all about, your mind, body, heart and soul will be revitalized after a visit to the night clubs in Detroit.