Abdominal diseases are a leading cause of death in the world. There are many types of abdominal diseases affecting different people. It is important to have the knowledge on these diseases so that we can prevent.

It is a common stomach disease which affects all ages although it is more common in older people. Ulcers are caused by excess acid in the stomach. It causes wounds in the walls of intestines. Patients with ulcers are advised not to eat food with acids. They should also maintain high level of cleanliness.

Typhoid is another abdominal disease which is cause by germs. You can get typhoid by drinking water which is contaminated with human waste. The signs of typhoid include headache, vomiting diarrhea, fever and pain in the joints. If typhoid is not treated in the early stage, it can lead to madness but in many cases it causes death. Since typhoid is caused by human waste, it is important that this waste is properly disposed to avoid contact with water and human food.

 Cholera is a very serious abdominal disease. It can cause death within a very short time. The signs and symptoms of cholera include; diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and change in the skin color. It is caused by dirt. It is very difficult to control cholera once it has started since it spreads fast from one person to another. The best method to prevent cholera is by maintaining high hygiene level. Incase of cholera breakout, it is advisable to isolate the patients and seek medical attention within the shortest time possible.

Worms are the most common abdominal parasites in the world. The patient feels stomach discomfort. Signs of worm infestation include; lose of appetite, rough skin, sometimes it is accompanied by diarrhea and also the stomach feels hard. Although worms are very common in children, it also affects old people. In case of worm invasion, it is wise to seek medical advice so that the right medicine can be prescribed. Worms are caused by eating unwashed fruits and other foods. It can also be transmitted through eating meat which is not properly cooked. It is essential to dispose human waste in the proper way to prevent worms from spreading from one person to another.

Since most of the abdominal diseases are caused by low hygiene level, it is good that we maintain excellent hygiene at all times.