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Generate Revenue Showing Commercial Ads

New technology creates new ground floor opportunities.  If you have an interest developing a Roku television channel of your own OR you already have a Roku television channel uploaded and running, you might be interested learning about the Vidillion Advertising program that offers developers an opportunity to show commercial ads to generate income.  Developers who have a PUBLIC channel might be accepted into the Vidillion Advertising program.

Vidillion is a Vid-Tizer ad service that uses TotalStream CDN (Content Delivery Network) to video-optimize content.  TotalStream is a streaming video service with massive scalability to support the explosive growth in viewers.  VSPs (Video Service Providers) who use TotalStream can share in the advertising revenue generated from the ads delivered to their viewers.

Advertisers who use Vidillion's Vid-Tizer ad service can precisely target video viewers based on content, device, profile, geography, activity history, language and contenxt.  Advertisements get delivered to the Internet-connected device the viewer is using.  Devices included are Smartphones, tablets, televisions and game consoles.

In the videos below I share exactly how I got connected to the Vidillion's Advertising opportunity and give an inside view to the steps and forms I needed to fill out to receive URL's to enter in to the InstantTVChannel program I use to upload content to my Roku TV Channel.

Earn Roku TV Revenue

Create TV Stream Of Residual Income

First New York Public Roku TV Channel

Long Island New York Roku Television Public Channel

Text Paragraphing Now Scrolls

Easily add content to any Roku Television Channel

The InstantTVChannel program continues to evelove.  A new feature has been added to the program that allows a Roku television channel developer to easily add text with a scrolling feature.  Television is mostly about visually capturing an audiences attention but there are times when content can help to capture an audiences attention too.

In the InstantTVChannel program there is a feature called Text Paragraphing and in the Text Paragraphing section all you have to do is click on New to easily add a Text Paragraph Field to write content without having to delete content.

InstantTVChannel Text ParagraphCredit: Michelle Cesare

After adding a Text Paragraph field go view it on your television set to review the scrolling feature.  I feel you will be pleased with how easy it is to added updated content to your TV channel. 

InstantTVChannel Text Paragraph

Text Paragraphing Added To InstantTVChannel

New Facebook Page For Developers

Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook PageCredit: Michelle Cesare

There is a new Facebook Page dedicated to Roku TV Channel Developers, viewers and people interested to learn more about developing a Roku channel of their very own.  Sign into your Facebook account and do a search for Roku TV Channel Developers, click Like and post questions, give a streaming Roku television channel a Shout Out or share channels you star rated.  The Roku device continues to expand in popularity and its been expected to be used in millions of more households come 2014.

If you have an interest to learn more about developing a channel of your own, you should visit and Like the Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook Page to connect with developers who can answer your questions and offer tips to help you learn the process faster.  Internet Marketers who seek to reach an untapped audience may want to learn the process to upload a channel of their own for millions of Roku viewers to watch.

If you are a developer of your own Roku televison channel, you should visit the new Facebook Page to connect with other developers AND look for a developer who enjoys uploading other television channels to his Roku Channel.  Look for mkvXstream because this is the guy who wants to upload your television channel to his television channel.  He uploaded my Roku TV Channel and that gives me more free advertising at no cost.  Private and Public Roku Television Channels are both welcome.

The banner above is the banner you will see when visiting the new Facebook Page.  Get in on the game now before others start uploading information about your niche.   Don't miss the opportunity to be the first to upload a channel about your niche.  I hope to see you at the new Facebook Page.

The Roku TV Channel Is Now Public

And Listed In The Special Interest Category

On July 31, 2013 my Roku TV Channel got approved by Roku to go Public. Having a Public television channel listed in the Roku TV Guide is a huge accomplishment. Roku gives everyday people the opportunity to shine on the big screen.  I Love It!!!

The purpose of developing my very own TV channel is to promote my websites, blogs, Youtube channel and articles to a target audience of people I would normally miss the opportunity to market to.  I've noticed an increase of traffic to my website, an increase of referral sign ups and an increase to my daily revenue generated.

My goal for the Summer of 2013 was to get a Roku TV Channel up and running and I did it.  I look forward to many happy years of uploading content information and video clips to my Roku TV Channel.

I Show The First Time I See My TV Channel As Publicly Listed


Roku Streaming TV Channel

Roku Television

Did you know that you can develop a television channel of your own and stream your television channel to millions of Roku TV devices to reach millions of Roku TV viewers?  Technology continues to make the unavailable available to the public without needing to know any programming.

Internet Marketing makes advertising a business or website affordable by only paying for an Internet Service Provider.  If you do the Internet Marketing yourself, you understand the power the web offers to advertise your business or website to a mass target audience by only paying for an Internet Service Provider.  An experienced Internet Marketer does not have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to advertise.

My name is Michelle Cesare and I'm a successful Internet entrepreneur who gets excited when it's time to hit the web to Internet Market.  I'm a true believer manual Internet Marketing is the best kind of online advertising.  Manually Internet Marketing has given me the experience to know exactly how to target potential referrals, increase website, blog and article Followers and how to direct interested prospects to all of my Social Network Groups and Pages for just pennies a day.  While manually Internet Marketing  one day, I came across a new affordable advertising option that I never considered.  The Youtube video spoke about developing a Roku TV Channel.  I'm a Roku device user so the topic caught my attention.  As I continued to watch the video and learned more about it, I knew right then that I could target an untapped audience of millions to advertise my Internet business.  I continued to research how I could develop a Roku TV Channel of my own and found out I could do it for about $50.00 a month.  Wow!  I Internet Market for pennies a day and now I can target millions of Roku TV users and viewers for about $50.00 a month.  I did more research and found out that there is 5-million Roku users in the United States alone and the numbers are expected to double come 2014.  Again WOW!

Roku TV Streaming Device

InstantTVChannel Program

I knew there would be a learning curve but I pushed through it and in about three weeks I had a Roku TV Channel streaming on my television set.  Most of the Poster banners are banners I created using free resources available on the web.  The Text Paragraph content sections filled with content I wrote and the format and color pattern throughout the Roku TV Channel I set into place.  Using the InstantTVChannel for Roku made it easy for me to develop my very own Roku TV Channel.  I understand there are services available to hire to have someone develop a Roku TV Channel for you but as we all know services can become costly and in many cases not affordable.  Learning how to use a program and doing the work yourself can save you thousands of dollars a year and you get the freedom of uploading videos and content or changing your Roku TV Channel whenever you see fit.  Yes it is time consuming to learn something new but with the help of instructional videos you can learn how to use the InstantTVChannel program a lot faster compared to learning it on your own.

Below you will see videos I recorded to help you learn how to use the InstantTVChannel a lot faster than learning it on your own.  The videos give an inside view to each section I've learned how to use that helped me get my Roku TV Channel up and running.  Take your time to learn how each section works instead of trying to learn it all at once like I tried to do and realized I needed to break it down into segments to understand what I needed to do to develop a Roku TV Channel.

In the first video I show off my Roku TV Channel.  The video shows what I uploaded to my Roku TV Channel.  I will upload many more videos and content in the future but the foundation is solid to build on.  In my opinion the hard part is over.  I hope you like what you see.

A Look At My Roku TV Channel

The next few videos I will list in the easiest order.  I believe adding Banner Ads is an easy start, then I'll introduce adding Text Paragraphs and then the third video clip  I will speak about Video and Audio and in my opinion Video and Audio is hard but obviously not impossible.  I pay $49.95 a month because I wanted to buy a Commercial Channel with unlimited live support and I believe there is no limit to the Banner Ads I can add into rotation.  I did not want limitations in any way and I wanted live phone support to learn the program as fast as possible.  Buying a Commercial Channel was a personal choice but not necessary.

Banner Ad Rotation

Text Paragraph Content

The next video shows how to upload Text Paragraph content to your Roku TV Channel.  The programmers of the InstantTVChannel are in the process of making scrolling content available so soon viewers will be able to scroll through your content.

Soon Scrolling Text Will Be Active

Last but not least by any means shows how to add Video and Audio to a Roku TV Channel.  I found this section very hard to learn but I got through it and will continue to learn more about it all in due time.

Video and Audio Section Of InstantTVChannel

You can create a free InstantTVChannel account to go through the motions of learning more about the platform and how to develop a Roku TV channel.  Then you can choose to have your TV Channel Unlimited for $4.95 a month or you can go all the way and develop a Commercial Channel that has unlimited restrictions.  When your channel goes from Private to Public your channel will get listed as a "NEW" channel in the Channel Store on the website and on the Roku streaming TV and then your channel will get indexed in the best fitting category listed under Channel Store. 

As I continue to learn how to use the InstantTVChannel to develop my Roku TV Channel into more of a successful TV Channel, I will record videos showing people how to use and do it.  I look forward learning more and can not wait until I'm an old pro at using the InstantTVChannel Program.  Knowledge is power and I worked hard to give myself an upper-edge.

If you have questions please feel free to post them in the comment section below and if I can answer them I'd be more than happy to do so.  Thank you for visiting and remember never to give up on your goals.

Private Channel

Public Channel

There are three InstantTVChannel options when signing up.  You can start slow to create a free channel to learn about the InstantTVChannel platform.  Creating a free account allows you to create a Private channel.  When developing Private channels the channel receives a URL and just like all URLs, you can promote that URL to direct Roku viewers to your newly created channel.

If you would like to move up to a paid membership, you can develop an Unlimited Channel for only $4.95.  This includes all free features, unlimited number of videos per Roku channel, RSS feeds and playlist can be used to automatically load content into your channel, selected Roku channel areas can be password-protected, and priority email support.

You can upgrade to a Commercial Channel to includes all Free Channel and Unlimited Channel features, paid subscription Roku channels using registration and linking, preroll and postroll video advertisments with VAST support, fully brandable "white label" Roku channel design, priority telephone support all for $49.95 a month.

Personally I signed up to develop a Commercial Channel that included all without restrictions. I plan building on my television channel for years to come.  I appreciate the live telephone support because without it, I would have had a very hard time learning how to set up my channel as fast as I did.  The live telephone help has become a private tutor lesson and I learned a lot more than I would had on my own.  The customer service taught me a lot more than just teaching me how to use the InstantTVChannel program.  I'm planning on taking my TV channel as far as I can go.

I believe the future of television is streaming TV and getting access to television networks remotely is the wave of the future.  I believe cable will eventually disappear from the equation of  watching television.  With streaming devices making TV much more affordable and the Internet being used to watch television the standard way of watching TV will become outdated.

Feel free to visit my new TV channel.  I'm having a lot of fun developing my TV channel.

If you are an Apple customer, Apple to has their own streaming television device.  I hear it's pretty good at streaming television entertainment.

Roku Streaming DeviceCredit: Michelle Cesare
Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p
Amazon Price: $79.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 4, 2013)

A Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook Page

Private and Public Channels Welcome

Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook Page
Credit: Michelle Cesare

A Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook Page for developers to share the knowledge, promote channels, ask and answer questions and rate and share star ratings.  All are welcome.  Viewers can join in the converstation too.  Please feel free to give your favorite Roku television channel a Shout Out and don't forget to give your favorite channels a star rating to help increase popularity.


Private and Public channels welcomed.