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Many people are sure of how to rewrite a resume to present their highest qualities, but once they snag an interview for a potential job, they are no longer as certain and lack the interview skills they desire. The confidence leaves them as they must then present their best abilities in person to another face, as opposed to a nameless internet site or email address.


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When preparing for an interview, it is important in terms of interview skills that you look the part. That means that you shower the day of, that you ensure your hair brushed back off of your face so that you are not distracted by it, constantly moving it, during the interview. It is important that you dress the part. If your resume and cover letter were both written in a professional manner then your physical presence should exude that same professionalism. The two should match. It is important in terms of interview skills that your clothes match those of the interviewers as well. This means that if you arrive at an interview for a law firm, you should wear a suit, but if you are interviewing for a job at a theme park where you will be required to wear a uniform, then you get away with wearing a nice blouse, skirt, and heels as a girl, or a button up shirt and slacks and nice shoes as a guy.


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Before your arrival at the interview, it is important that you practice driving as part of your interview skills. This means that if your interview is to take place on a Tuesday morning around ten in the morning, one of the best interview skills you could use is driving the route from your home to the location of the interview the week before on a Tuesday at ten in the morning. If you do not have a week in between, then drive there on the morning of another week day. It will do you no good to practice driving the route from your home to the location of the interview on a Sunday morning when everyone is at church, when your interview is on Tuesday because you will then have miscalculated the amount of time needed to arrive when you desire.

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Another of the many interview skills you should have is arriving at the location around fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled interview time. If you arrive sooner, then you will overload the office but if you arrive later then you will not have allowed adequate time to fill out the forms which you will more than likely be given to submit prior to the interview actually taking place.



When you are called in for your interview, ensure that you greet the interviewers with a handshake, one whose pressure matches that which you are given. If they firmly grip your hand, then firmly grip back. However, if they offer a wet fish, then do not break their hand returning a firm grip. When they sit, copy their manner of sitting. This means, relax your shoulders a bit if they do, instead of remaining rigid.


The necessary interview skills include preparing yourself physically, driving the route beforehand to ensure a timely arrival, and arriving early. It is also important to copy and return handshake pressure and posture.