Psychic Abilities are those abilities possessed by some humans which cannot be easily explained by Science.

But this doesn't mean they are not real. There are many things Science cannot explain today but we don't know what will happen in the future. It could happen that psychic abilities will get a scientific explanation some years from now, but in any case they do exist, at least to some extent.

The problem with psychic abilities is that they can be hardly explained or demonstrated scientifically. Sometimes it's because they are fake abilities, the world of psychics is full of scammers looking to exploit people suffering. This is unfortunately particularly common with mediums and similar "psychics". I'm not saying that it's not possible at all to see or talk with dead ones or that real mediums do not exist, only that it's the preferred field of psychic scams.

Why Psychic Abilities are hard to demonstrate.

It can be that the psychic is a scammer, but sometimes it's because psychic abilities are either difficult to explain scientifically, like dèjà vu which even if being the most common psychic phenomenon still has no explanation, at least for Science. Or because psychic abilities most of the times are not always at one's disposal. They come and go depending on a lot of factors, like having some scientists looking at the psychic like a Guinea pig or an alien.

Anyway, while I agree that every statement must be demonstrated I must also say that also a lot of what we see as scientific cannot be touched by hand yet we know it exists. Things like electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, radio waves, ... have never been seen but we all take them for real. Not always what can't be seen or heard or touched is unreal.

Whenever talking about psychic abilities keep in mind that human beings cannot see light outside a certain range, and the same goes for sounds; but this doesn't mean that we see or hear everything that exists. Bats, dolphins, whales and even dogs and cats have all senses which go well beyond those of human beings. And they can surely see or hear things that for us do not exist, yet they are real. Probably this explains why my cat can stay hours looking at the small space between the fridge and the wall.

And if something can't be demonstrated today it doesn't mean that psychic abilities in the future won't be common practice. Can you imagine how many persons said to Guglielmo Marconi that the radio was impossible to build? Yet today we use radio waves everyday and everywhere. And we even know that the Earth isn't flat but in the past it was common knowledge.

Last thing about psychic abilities and science. If psychic abilities do not exist why Secret Agencies around the world have studied and are studying psychic abilities?

Psychic Abilities explained.

Psychic abilities are those abilities possessed by some human beings which go beyond our five senses. Well, actually we all know we have six senses even if we forgot that we have also our sixth sense at our disposal. And don't tell me that you've never had a gut feeling which you've found to be correct. Even scientists have gut feelings.

These psychic abilities can be either inborn or can be trained. Keep in mind that we are not all equal and that each one of us can develop different psychic abilities. The sixth sense actually is not really on the list as we all have it at different degrees. Women are particularly good at using their sixth sense.

A word of warning: before spending any money in the world of psychics always ask yourself if it's really worth it, or you can end up spending thousands for nothing. Common sense, and sixth sense, must be used for everything related to psychic abilities. Always be aware of scammers. Well, also in the scientific field, scammers are everywhere.

With the following articles in this series I'm going to explain psychic abilities one by one and when possible how you can develop your psychic abilities by yourself. So stay tuned for updates.

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