Self Improvement for Happiness

Tips for Success

Dedicating yourself to your own self-improvement can be challenging but with a plan and some determination you can improve your life dramatically and become happier.  Read on for some proven techniques to start you on the path to improving your life:

* Be honest about yourself and index your strengths and weaknesses. You can only develop a better you when you honestly assess what you do well and what you do badly. Don't see this as an activity where you are beating yourself up or being boastful about your abilities. You're taking an inventory of your skills.

* Decide on a few long-term goals you would like to accomplish. If you'd like, you can categorizeHurdles them like maybe one spiritual long term goal, one educational long-term goal, and one exercise long-term goal and so on (for example). Don't make your list too long or you may get overwhelmed and give up before you make much progress on any of them. This is my problem. I get excited in the planning stages and then get overwhelmed in the application. But the older I get, the better I know myself.  This is why I keep my list of long-term goals short--to make them manageable.

* With your list of long-term goals, for each one break it up into a list of smaller goals. This is a useful strategy to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and also to help you tackle the largest goal in piecemeal. The best thing about dividing the larger goal into smaller ones is that it helps you to keep your motivation high every time you meet one of the smaller goals.

* Make sure that you take time out periodically to reevaluate and reassess your goals. If you lose interest in your long-term goals, this is a sign that you need to stop and reassess to make sure those original plans are still desirable to you.

* Make sure you can be flexible enough to drop a goal when you're no longer interested in it.  You don't want to "teach yourself a lesson" and follow through with goals even though they don't make you happy.

* It is much easier to be hard on yourself but you will be a happier person if you treat yourself with the same respect and kindness you give to other people.  Only if you are good to yourself can you put yourself gently back on track toward your goal's progress and a sense of achievement.

* Take frequent breaks to avoid burnout and be sure to have a little fun.  Taking a vacation from progressing toward your goals will enable you to go back to working on them later with a fresh state of mind.

    This plan will allow you to make long-term improvements to your life as well as help you to handle the difficult times and change your focus as necessary. Don't forget to take occasional breaks from your goal seeking once in a while as time off can allow you to reassess the direction you are headed in. Then jump back on track so that you're making steady progress toward your goals and nurturing your own personal happiness.