Getting sound basics is the key to becoming the best at anything. It is a universal law. You can't jump right in to complicated calculus without learning how to count numbers. The same principle applies in basketball. You need to have sound basketball fundamentals in order to become the best player on the court.

There are many ways in which you can build and enhance your basketball fundamentals. One way is through the use of ball handling basketball drills. These drills helps develop the basics of ball handling and dribbling, which you can later progress to great dribbling tricks and techniques to dazzle your defenders off their feet.

So if you want to keep practicing and develop your basketball fundamentals with the use of ball handling basketball drills, read on to learn about two great drills you can use with your training.

The Zig-Zag Dribble

This is a great drill that conditions your body for a game and helps you learn to control the ball.

You'll need to start at one baseline with a ball and enough dribbling space to the right and left. When the whistle blows, dribble towards your right using your right hand. When you reach the free throw line, perform a dribbling technique (like a crossover, spin, etc) and switch directions. You should now be dribbling to your left using your left hand.

When you reach the half-court line, perform another dribbling move and switch directions and dribbling hand. Do the same when you reach the last free throw line. You should be dribbling to your left using your left hand after switching on the last free throw line.

You can walk as you do this drill. However, as you get better, try to jog or run at full-speed. Just make sure you never lose control of the ball.

The 5-Minute Circle

This is one of the effective drills that can help you build better basketball fundamentals.

All you need to do is stand at the center of a circle, whether it is the half-court circle or the free throw circle. Start the timer and perform all the dribbling techniques that you know of continuously. Do not stop until the time has reached 3 minutes. Just keep on dribbling using different dribbling tricks continuously, one after the other. Mix different moves such as the crossover, followed by a spin move, then a hesitation move, followed by a stutter step, so on and so forth.

Do this drill for 3 minutes without stopping. During the next practice, try to do it for four minutes. After that, try to reach 5 minutes. If you can maintain that time, then that would be great! Keep maintaining five minutes for every practice session.

Both of these are great ball handling basketball drills. You can substantially perform better using these drills and enhance your basketball fundamentals. All it takes is constant practice and determination. With that, it will not be long before you are out there and dominating the court. Just remember: always cover the basics FIRST before moving on to more difficult stuff.