For those of you considering developing apps for the iPhone but are still unsure whether you are capable, here are a few points to consider:

1. You don't have to develop the apps yourself
The first thing you are probably thinking is, "How can I create apps? I don't know anything about computer programming." You are not alone. Most individuals are not skilled in computer programming, let alone the specific programming language called Objective-C, which is used to create iPhone apps.

However, you can create iPhone apps without any programming experience. There is a large market of programmers, both individual freelancers and companies, who you can hire to develop your apps for you. Even if you could learn the programming language necessary to create apps, it would take you much longer than a professional, and the resulting app would most likely not be as high quality. Outsourcing the development leaves you free to focus on the creative side, which brings me to my next point.

2. You don't need to have an original idea
Another thing which you might consider as an obstacle is a lack of original ideas for an app. However, you don't necessarily have to create an app that hasn't been done before. I'm sure you have used certain apps which you felt were good in theory, but were lacking in execution. Why not develop a similar app, but an improved version which fixes all the things you felt were wrong with the original app you tried.

3. Simple ideas can be better
If you are thinking about developing iPhone apps, then you must have read some of the success stories of those who have made a lot of money with simple apps such as iFart. More complicated does not necessarily mean more likely to be popular. Furthermore, the simpler the app, the less it is going to cost to develop.

4. You can still make money from free apps
In the app store, you can either list your app at a price you select or you can let users download it for free. At this stage you are probably wondering why app developers would give their app away for free when it can cost them quite a lot of money to create.

Well the answer to this is advertising. Whenever someone opens up your free app on their iPhone, an advertisement will appear on the screen, and the advertiser will pay you a small amount every time one of their ads is shown. The more popular your app is, the more times it will be used, and the more ads will be shown, increasing your revenue.

5. There is no guarantee of success
Despite the fact that it is possible to make a lot of money from developing iPhone apps, there is no certain path to riches. For every success story you read, there are many more developers who you never hear about who fail to make a decent profit. It requires a lot of time, perseverance and marketing, as well as a bit of luck!

Hopefully, this has helped to clear up some of the questions or doubts you might have had about creating your own apps. Just remember, like anything else in life, positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which will increase your likelihood of success!