Gratitude is one of those things that will allow you to feel satisfied with your life. A person who is not satisfied with what he has will never be able to feel happiness on what he gets in the future. On the contrary, if you are more thankful for all the good things in your life, you will receive many other good things as well. To cut long into short, gratitude is a magnetic force for all the happiness in your life and will make it possible for you to be the happiest person on the earth for what you have. A person who has gratitude will always feel contended and will never be isolated. 

Now, I shall discuss some of the things that we can do to bring this wonderful trait in our personality. One of the best ways of developing an attitude of gratitude is to make yourself habitual of saying thank you. This is one of those things that are vanishing from our lives already. Actually, when a good thing start happening in our life quite often, we start taking that for granted. This is a wrong way of thinking and will not allow you to have gratitude. Just make sure whenever someone does you a favor, give him a smile and say thank you. This is the best gift you can give to anyone.

Another wonderful thing that we can do to develop this attitude of gratitude in our personality is to look for something good in everyone. For example, if something bad happens to you, try to take it as a lesson and not focus on how to get revenge. It will save you from having that trouble again in your life. In this way, you will be taking a positive thing out of that bad event. Take the example of trusting someone. Now there can only be two cases. Either he will maintain your trust, or he will destroy it. One way or the other, you will have a good thing. Now, most of you will be thinking about what good happens when he breaks your trust. In that case, you will get a lesson for life.

Gratitude has a lot of importance in every religion as well. Saying a prayer of gratitude before going to sleep every night will develop a sense of gratitude in your personality and will give you a lot of time to analyze yourself.

Hence, we can say that the overall summary of this topic is that anger, and resentment can do you no good. Then what is their advantage. On the other hand, if we develop an attitude of gratitude, then not only our lives will become a lot easier, but we will also start to enjoy them. We will be able to feel contended with whatever we have and whatever we don’t. With this sense of gratitude in our personalities, our health will remain good; we will show more creativity, have more trustworthy friends, have more self-confidence and in short live longer and happier lives

Attitude of Gratitude