• Good acting on the part of the Lead Detective and White guy in the Elevator
  • Great ending
  • Alright cinematography


  • Poor acting on every one in the film except for the lead roles
  • poor music
  • bad CGI
  • lack of intensity in the elevator

Full Review

The film "Devil" is M. Night Shyamalan newest attempt to deliver the shock and awe that he so successfully achieved with The Sixth Sense. I went to see this movie this weekend with my girl-friend and was dreadfully un-surprised. Not only was this film a waste of my time and money, but a waste of my time to write this. I only am writing about Devil to warn you all not to spend your money in seeing at the theater. The film was a colossal joke. To begin there are five people stuck in an elevator. And everyone seems perfectly respectable, but over the course of the film you are shown through the investigation of the elevator that they all have done something bad. During the period they are stuck in the elevator the lights will flicker and someone will die, slowly narrowing down the survivors who both think that each other are the killers. I am not going to spoil the ending, but the ending was the only thing I was moderately surprised about. The ending actually was fairly good, but the build up to it was too long and tedious. The director did not do a good job in making this film intense, the elevator doesn't seem claustrophobic at all, and the tension that builds between the elevator in-mates isn't that well done. To top it off the music is poor in quality, they use CGI in the opening credits to show the city of Philadelpha (and the CGI is pretty bad)

The acting was sub-par on almost everyone's part except for the lead detective and the one white guy in the elevator. If your expecting a Sixth Sense you'll be disappointed. If you go in expecting The Happening you will be kind of surprised. But, this film does continue the long line of M. Night Shyamalan failures that have plagued his career since The Village this film really doesn't deliver, I hope his next film is a little better.

In Closing

I do not recommend this to anyone who is seeking a massive twist or thriller. This is just another M. Night Shymalan bomb. I rate this movie 5/10 it was not a good horror film.