-length of time to finish
-requires a big commitment

Full Review

The Higher Learning Commission of the NCA (North Central Association) has certified the School as a fully accredited college. The university is made up of 23 big campuses, 3 subsidiary colleges and several other smaller centers in the United States of America and in {other parts of North America} Canada. Devry college's provide programs from an associate's degree to a master's degree and numerous other speciality degree programs like business administration. Since the is so effective training instructing a number of attendees focused around technology, that since the year 2000, around 5 out of 10 of postsecondary degree holders with technology degrees were graduates of the institution.

The campus programs at the school and the online learning programs all supply the best credentials and job oriented based certifications. As I mentioned previously, all degree programs go from AA, to BA, BS, MSC, MS, MA, PHD. Along with Doctoral programs in finance, healthcare studies, management, psych and law studies. These are all are very sought after career tracks.

Are you considering going for a graduate or undergraduate course in business management? Devry offers master's degree programs in management and a variety of other graduate certificates. Thousands of students have chosen to get their graduate degrees through Keller every single year. The online program offers convenience and the flexibility hardworking adults need to succeed. Degree programs offered include:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master of Project Management
  • Master of Network and Communication Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Public Administration

Why Earn Your Online MBA ?

if you are in between jobs or afraid of making a career change during the fast changing economic times, an MBA degree can give you more options. It could be a strategy for keeping your resume consistent if you are in the middle of career positions. Any gaps in your resume can be replaced by the time you spend/spent in graduate school which is looked well upon by employers. So, what does Devry institute have versus other schools?

Once you get advanced training (from Devry or any even a peer school), with your degree diploma you will have gained all the required skills and professional well-respected credentials that are absolutely necessary to effectively develop your business management career. The best online universities have extremely qualified staff and curriculum course outline which is extremely absolutely responsive with an online classroom or real life classroom that can virtually fit everyone's lifestyle life commitments. Like other top schools, the Keller school of Management provides degree programs in management that gives its pupils a great educational school with several skilled employee values and all the confidence that's necessary to properly advance your career to seriously get way ahead of of your counterparts. Devry provides noted selections of varied courses relevant to business with certain emphasis focused on systems administration, applied technology techniques and info technology skills. With much more than 12 undergraduate majors, a diverse amount of degree programs at graduate levels, and applicable double digit certificates, Devry degrees are applicable in several different arrangement that consists of part-time, full-time, online on-line and night variants.

What Other Online MBA Programs are Comparable to Devry?

  • University of Phoenix
  • StrayerUniversity Online
  • WaldenUniversity Online
  • CapellaUniversity Online
  • AIU Online



What are some of the Drawbacks of an Online MBA



  • It requires more motivation. You will not have a set schedule so you will have to be very focused and disciplined about getting your work done.
  • You will not have the same level or personal interaction with students. For some, this is ok as they already have their own personal networks of friends, mentors, etc. For others, this means they will have to put more work into building their social network


There are an incredible amount of options that will help you with making achievements in your career professional dealings. Now, with the benefit of the internet university, it's now a reality to get your degree from all the comforts of your office or house as easily as by doing internet coursework. It can all be as easy as that. This university is based on technology, career oriented, and designed to properly meet all of your special needs. It does not matter if you're a working parent or/and a simple parent or just an adult that wants to continue your education and take it to the next level.

In Closing

This course of study is definitely a success strategy for committed career professional.