Buying Christmas gifts can be a frustrating experience especially when you are attempting to but something for the man in your life. Rather he be your father, husband or just a great friend, guys can be picky.

If you want to make your man happy, I mean so happy that he is going to dance around the room and then give you a great big hug, have I got an idea for you!

If the man in your life likes fix things, is into wood working or is just a jack of all trades, I have a great Christmas gift idea for you. Dewalt cordless drills make a great gift that just about any guy will appreciate.

I enjoy the functionality of the cordless drill. As long as you keep the Dewalt cordless drill batteries fully charged you can work with a single battery for hours. A battery will come with the drill, but you should purchase a second battery when you buy your drill. The variable speed setting makes them perfect to use as a drill, or you can slow them down enabling them to be used a power screwdriver.

Make sure that you buy him a Dewalt 18V drill. The 18 V drill will last long on a single charge, and it has more power than the 12v or 14.4 volt cordless drills.

If your man already has a full complement of cordless tools, you can purchase some more Dewalt cordless drill batteries for him. If he has two or three batteries for his drill he will be able to work all night long without recharging.

Now that you have already purchased your drill and extra batteries you will need to get him drill bits. Since this is a Christmas gift and you are trying to make him happy. You should go all out. remember that with guys, size does matter. Go to your local hardware store and buy one of those mega huge drill and driver set. You will want to look for the one that has 100 + drill bits and every possible driver imaginable. All you really need is a flat-head and a Phillips head bit, but it is nice to have all of the star heads etc.

Dewalt cordless drills make great Christmas gifts for just about any man. Rather he is a professional carpentner or just a man who likes to tinker once in awhile, he will appreaciate a cordless drill as a gift.

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