If you like to watch dark comedy, the Dexter series is something that will hit the spot. When Dexter season 4 ended, it became among the top ten searched keyword on Google and Twitter. If you loved the previous three seasons, then season 4 is something not to be missed.

As Dexter's big fan, season 4 was really one of the best season out of all the others. If you weren't satisfied with the other 3 seasons, don't pass off season 4 yet because this season would make you appreciate this incredible crime drama.

Dexter was the winning drama for numerous awards. For the latest announced Emmy Award 2010, Dexter not only was nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor, but it won the Emmy Award of Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Guest Actor!

The fourth season of Dexter has a quiet different start. Dexter has a brand-new identity, which means he became a father of a baby and a family man of a suburban house. While trying to keep his average-guy life, he finds more challenges to maintain his old habit as a series killer. Moreover, with wife and kid's safety to protect, Dexter will face another deadly and unpredicatable killer like himself.

I highly recommend to watching the new season of Dexter in Blu-Ray because you would get a more vivid and sharp view of the dark scenes, which appeared quite often in the show. Dexter's hunting for his next kill also became more dramatic and tense in the high definition videos, which made my watching experience more enjoyable.

Although the subplots developing other cast member' stories fell short of arousing my interest, the main plot in this season is so strong and intriguing that it made other story lines not so important. All in all, the series of Dexter has not been as riveting since season one. The fourth season definitely pushed Dexter to another climax.