Dextro Triathlon(92560)

A Competitive Triathlon Series

The Dextro Triathlon is part of the ITU World Triathlon Series, as Dextro Energy is one of the commercial sponsors for the event.  The ITU World Triathlon Series is a series of triathlons that take place around the world.  This gives the top triathletes a chance to compete against one another on a consistent basis.  The series features seven total events, along with the Grand Final, which wraps up the series.  The sites of the triathlons vary from year to year.

 The Dextro Triathlon, as part of the ITU World Triathlon Series, began in 2009.  The events have taken place in historical places such as the Opera House in Sydney and Buckingham Palace in London.  The top triathletes go head to head and accumulate points through each one of the events.  The triathlete with the most points after the Grand Final is crowned the champion.  The triathlons follow the Olympic standard distance of a 1.5km swim, 40km bike, and a 10km run.
One of the main goals of the ITU World Triathlon Series is to gain more exposure for the sport.  With the continued success of this series, it continues to gain television coverage and sponsorship deals.  The entire series is also broadcast online.  This is very beneficial for the sport, because it doesn't really get a lot of coverage.  To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a triathlon broadcast on television before.  If it continues to gain exposure, its popularity may increase and possibly get more people to participate in the sport.  When I was younger, I didn't even know what a triathlon was.  However, if I saw a race on TV, I might have become interested and started following the sport.  That can lead to more people trying the sport as they get older, which will lead to more growth.

These events also give the triathletes an opportunity to compete against one another, other than in just a single race.  Triathlons are thought of more as individual races, there isn't a league or anything similar set up within the sport, until now.  There are also world rankings for the top triathletes, and these events have an impact on who will represent their countries in the Olympic Games.  I think the constant competition is also good for the sport.  This way you can identify who the top triathletes are, and it makes it more interesting watching them compete against one another, rather than having them compete in separate triathlons.  It generates interest and excitement in a sport that many are unfamiliar with.