Foot pain is often at the top of the list that Type 2 Diabetics run into. Poor blood circulation, leading to neuropathy, is the usual culprit behind diabetic foot pain. Almost 25% of diabetics end up suffering from some version of foot pain due to the decline of blood flow to the lower extremities. Simple issues with the feet can turn into a potentially serious condition. Among the things that can cause severe foot problems are blisters, sores, cuts, and scrapes. The decreased blood flow will turn those simple problems into full blown infections. When the blood is flowing through the body, it brinks fresh oxygen and vitamins as it moves around, but diabetics do not have the benefit of having normal blood flow. Since oxygen is not reaching the tissue in your feet, a normal cut can quickly spiral out of control.

Amputations usually occur when a person cuts their foot or has a blister, which eventually morphs into an infection. If the infection spreads and worsens, a doctor will most likely have to remove the foot. In order to avoid any severe foot problems, you need to take care of your feet. Here are some tips:

1) Bathe everyday and be sure to wash your feet with soap and water and drying them off completely.

2) Rub diabetic approved lotions all over your feet to keep them moisturized and clean.

3) Trim your toenails often and keep them short.

4) Expose your feet at a bare minimum. Wear socks and shoes throughout the day to minimize the exposure your feet will have to bacteria.

5) If you sit a lot, be sure to move your feet from time to time to keep the blood flowing.

6) Look into exercises which are easy on your feet

7) As soon as your feet show any sign of infection, go to a medical professional immediately to get it treated. Delaying a visit could cost you a foot.

The tips above will help you ease your diabetic foot pain and reduce the likelihood of more pain down the road. Always choose the safer option when it comes to your health and especially if you have diabetes. Millions of people suffer from it and go through a variety of foot problems as well. If you groom your feet and get in some moderate exercise, you are greatly improving your health and your diabetic foot pain will begin to be reduced substantially.