Diablo 3 rare farming

Diablo 3 end game is all about farming.  Finding the most efficient way to farm your items will greatly increase the amount of gold you make, making it easier to obtain the items you are looking to buy.  I have farmed Act 1, 2 and 3 and I find Act 1 is the most efficient act to farm.

You will need at least around 600 all resist to start farming act 1 inferno.  I recommend having close to 800 if you want to make it through the act witrhout any trouble.  I started farming act 1 inferno with 9000 damage per second on my barbarian.  Now with 30000 damage per second I smash anything that stands in my path.  My health has fluctuated with different gear ranging from as low as 29000 health and currently I have around 36000.  With these stats you can smash through act 1 without any problems and only dying when being lazy or getting super bad luck.

To start off pick act 1 and the quest The Imprisoned  Angel.  This is the quest line for the Warden and Butcher.  I first teleport to Festering Woods.  In the Festering Woods you can get 5 stacks of valor pretty easy.  You have 2 caves each with an elite inside that will give you one stack of Nephalem Valor.  There are 1 to 3 elite and champion packs that are random through out the Festering Woods.  Also there is a rare event that spawns 3 champions.  If you kill the rare spawns, the two elites in the caves and the elites and champions outside the caves you will almost always get 5 stacks of valor before leaving the area.  You can clear the area in under 10 minutes.  

Next I go to the Fields of Misery.  You can find anywhere from 3 to 7 elites and champions in the area.  I don’t usually look for the packs.  I look for the Scavengers Den.  The Scavengers Den is a special cave with 3 to 5 packs plus a resplendent chest and sometimes treasure golbins.  While looking for this cave I will usually find a few packs and will kill them as I find them.  You can also find a Lost Mine and a Defiled Crypt in this area.  I prefer finding the Scavengers Den over either of these.

After I clear the Scavengers den, I use town portal to go back to Tristam and head for the Highland Crossings.  This area also has 3 to 7 elite and champion packs.  It also has a cave called the Cave of the Moon Clan.  This cave is just like the Scavengers Den.  You get 3 to 5 elites and champions inside plus a resplendent chest and sometimes a treasure goblin.  I have found 2 treasure goblins inside both the Scavengers Den and the Cave of the Moon Clan.

After clearing the Cave of the Moon Clan I town portal back to Tristam and teleport to Northern Highlands.  The Northern Highlands is very small and sometimes has 1 to 2 elites or champion packs and sometimes a treasure goblin.  I avoid the Watch tower as I have never found it worth my time to explore.  

Next teleport to the Cathedral Garden.  Enter Leorics Passage and travel down to the Cathedral.  Explore the first floor of the Cathedral and you will find 2 to 5 elite and champion packs.  Town portal back to Tristam.

At this point you can decide for yourself which is faster.  I sometimes restart the game and rinse and repeat.  I find these places to be the fastest place to find of elites and champions.  You get the most amount of treasure goblins and resplendent chest by doing this farming route.  If you feel like going further continue reading.

You can next try the Cemetery Garden.  There are 2 to 4 defiled crypts that each have 1 to 3 elites and sometimes a special event that gives loot similar to a resplendent chest.  If you get lucky with the spawns these can be profitable.  If you only get 1 elite or champion pack then these are a pretty big waste.

Lastly I teleport to Leorics Manor.  Enter the Halls of Agony level 1.  You can 2 to 6 elite and champion packs on the floor.  I don’t usually look for the packs.  I simply try to find the level 2 of the Halls of Agony.  On your way you will find a pack or two.  Do the same for level 2.  Don’t go out of your way to find elites and champions.  Just kill the ones you find while looking for the exit.  After you exit, travel over the bridge to enter the Cursed Hold.

In the cursed hold you can find 2 to 5 elites and usually a treasure goblin.  Search for the 6 prisoners and release them.  Kill all elites and champions you find along the way.  Head to the center to fight the Warden.  The Warden will drop atleast 2 rares and up to 5 plus a dozen or so blue magic items.  Head south after killing the Warden.  Enter the Halls of Agony level 3.  Again I do look for elites.  I simply look for the entrance to the Butcher.  I kill any elites and champions I find along the way.  Enter the Butchers lair.  Kill the Butcher and again you will receive at least 2 rares and maybe up to 5.  Plus a dozen or so blue magic items.

I pick up all magic items and rare items along the way.  I town portal when full and sell to the vendor.  I wait to id all rare until I am in town.  Then I sell all the bad ones and stash the good one.  The entire run takes 45 minutes to an hour if you are geared well and don’t die.  You will makes about 75k from selling the blues and bad rares.  You should get between 40 and 70 rares per run with 2 to 3 being level 63’s