[GUIDE] Barbarian Inferno Gear Guide

1 Introduction

Hi all,

I've decided to make this guide as a result of reading way too many threads by players who are in stuck in inferno, and who are given mostly horrible advice by others who are also stuck at their place (no wonder they are also stuck).

The reason people are stuck is mostly due to lack of gear. being the most gear dependent class in this game together with monks, this is not a surprise. However, the core problem is not that the barb class in itself is gear dependent, it's the fact that players waste their hard-earned gold on overpriced gear.

Therefore, this guide will cover:

- What gear to look for
- How to look for it

As simple as that.

I will not go into playstyle, builds, where to farm or anything like that. But being a 1h+shield player myself, this guide will mostly focus on this type of play style, though I believe some of my advice can be applied to all types of barb builds. I’m not saying this is the only or best way to play, it is just what I’ve come to prefer. If you enjoy smashing things with a 2 hander, feel free to go ahead and do so, you don’t have to follow my advice. There are also other successful gearing methods for sword and board which focuses a lot more on HP and neglecting their damage, but I find this to be both inefficient for farming and boring, which is why I recommend against it. I might add a section about my specific playstyle later.

2 Overrated items and stats

Now, I'll start by stating a few things:

Stormshield, String of Ears, Helm of Command, Justice lantern are overrated

The above mentioned legendaries that some claim are mandatory are indeed good items assuming good rolls, but with the current prices, are usually not worth it. Unless you find these severely underpriced relative to the current market, stay away from them.

LOH is overrated

Yup, you heard it. The people stuck on A2/A3 saying "omgomgomgomgomg where's your LOH? you need at least 1k to progress past A2" don't have a clue of what they are talking about. LOH is a good stat, especially for bosses, but is, yet again, overrated, overpriced and basically not worth it.

If you happen to find some sick amulet/neck/weapon with LOH way below market price, you may of course choose to pick it up. Otherwise, a weapon with a good 300 or more LOH amethyst (and perhaps a neck if you find a good one) is enough.

Stat priorities are complete bullshit

Seen the guys stacking 1k all resist while the rest of their stats are complete garbage, wondering why they can't get past A2? Yea, you don't wanna be that guy. Don't listen to any of this "all resist > vitality > armor" crap that has been thrown around since kripp first cleared inferno. This is not wow. One stat is not always better than the other, it completely depends on the rest of your stats. What you want is a good balance of all the important stats.

3 Stats

Basically, the most important stats for barbs are, in no specific order:

All Resist

That's it. If you just had enough of these 4 stats, you would be able to faceroll everything.

However that's not very easy to acquire, so you will look for other stats too:

Additional resists (mainly physical and fire)
Attack speed
Crit% and crit dmg
Life on hit
Damage reduction%
Life regen per second
Movement speed

I rate armor as both a main stat and an additional stat, because items both have a base armor but it can also have an additional +armor stat. You should look for both.

Different pieces of gear can have different stats, and certain pieces of gear tend to have a higher amount of certain stats. Legendaries can also have unique stats. I'll tell you what to mainly look for on the specific pieces, and give you some examples of prices you can find on the EU gold AH.

Now, before I go into each piece specifically, I'll tell you how I rate my items. I look at both strength and vitality as a combined total, and not as specific stats, so when I mention that a piece should have around 150 or more of the main stats, I mean it should have in total 150 strength and vitality combined. This means it could have 150 str or vitality, 100 str/50 vit, 75 str/75 vit, 120 str/30 vit or any other combination possible.

That's only for the strength and vitality, another thing to look out for is the amount of base armor and resists each item gives. There are 16 tiers of gear in Diablo, and the 3 highest tiers are from inferno. These items are all level 60 and A1 drops T14, A2 drops T15 and A3 and A4 drops T16 items. The higher the tier, the higher the base armor, and since armor is important, the higher the tier, the better.

T14 also have a max cap of AR at 60, T15 at 70 and T16 at 80. BUT, higher tier gear is usually also more expensive, so you can't just blindly look for only T16 items. You can differentiate the tiers by their looks. If you're not sure of what each tier look like, just pay attention and I'll be giving you examples. In short: T14 is black, T15 is yellow/goldish and T16 is red.

4 Specific Gear Slots

Now for the specific pieces, I will list main stats and additional stats. For A1+2, you might be fine with only 2 of the main stats, but for A3/4 you're going to have to look for 3 of them. I will only list the specific additional stats, as I believe for example armor and additional resists can spawn on any item. Always look for those, as they can in some cases make up for a low amount of one of the main stats. A good example is if an item gives no or low vitality, but it gives life% instead.


Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All resist, Socket (I know socket is not really a stat, but it's the same as 12 ore more life%, so it's really good).
Additional stats: crit%, life%

Helm of commands also have +block%, which is among the best additional stats you can find. The reason I previously stated it is overrated is cause a lot of people buy one with crap stats just cause of the block%, which is not good. It also needs to have at least 2 (for A1/2) or 3 (for A3/4) of the main stats in order for it to be worth it.

Here is my helm of command

The Helm of Command

The reason I bought it is because 1. it has a good amount of 3 main stats and 2. cause I found it for 2.5m which I think is underpriced.

Another alternative could be something like this T14 head for 600k:

T14 Head Piece

Shoulders and Belt

Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All resists
Additional stats: life%

Shoulders and belts have a high chance of having a lot of strength, so look for this. I'd say look for around 250+ total stats, around 175-200 of these being strength, and 50-60+ resist all. Life% is also good.

Here are some examples:

T14 shoulders:


T15 belt:

Rare belt

These were both listed at 1 mill which I think is a bit expensive. You could probably find something similar or better for half the price.

Chest and Legs

Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All resists
Additional stats: life% (on chest), sockets (max 3 on chests and 2 on legs).

Chest and legs function as sort of the opposite to shoulders and belt, and usually have a lot of vitality. However, it seems harder to find chests and legs with 250+ total stats and 50-60+ resist for the same prices as shoulders and belts, and I'm not quite sure of why.

What you can do is search specifically for sockets (sometimes people don't socket their items, so if you filter say 150 vitality, you might miss out on some legs with 140 vit and 2 sockets), or lower the resist filter. I found these legs for 600k which give me a lot of stats, while having lower resists, but that is fine causeI  can just make up for the resists on other pieces of gear.

A decent, but probably overpriced, chest for 2m:

Rare chest


Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All resists
Additional stats: Attack speed, Crit%, Crit dmg

If you're on a low budget, find some gloves with 150 total stats and 60+ resist all. These are usually enough to get you through inferno, and you can find them relatively cheap..

Such as these T15 gloves for 500k:

Rare Gloves

However, gloves are also very good for boosting your DPS, so if you're looking to do just that, find some with attack speed or crit, or both. If you need the DPS but cant afford gloves with all the main stats, you can search for some without one of the three main stats. but with attack speed or crit or both instead.

If you do have the capital, look for gloves with all the main stats as well as additional DPS stats. These are a good example of some very good gloves you can get for around 2 mill (these went for 1,8m):


Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All reissts
Additional stats: Movement speed

I wasn't sure if I wanted to place movement speed in the main stat category. You may find some with 150 total stats and 60+ all resist for 500k similar to gloves, but I'd rather look for some with movement speed. This stat is one of the most overlooked stats for barbs, and if you can't afford some with all the main stats in addition to movement speed, I'd say it is well worth it to drop either strength or vitality completely for the 12% movement speed. These are also often even cheaper than the ones with 150 total stats.

Here's an example of T14 boots for 300k:

Very good Sage’s Seekers for 1,4m:


Main stats: Strength, Vitality, All resists
Additonal stats: Crit%

Similarly to gloves and bracers, you can find some cheap ones with 150 total stats and around 60+ all resist. If you can find some with crit% or more stats, that would of course be favorable.

After a quick search I found these T15 bracers for 400k:

T15 bracers with crit for 1,5m:

Amulet and Rings

Main stats: Strength, Vitality
Additional stats: All resist, Attack speed, Crit, Life%

Jewerly can have pretty much any stats. I like to look for a good amount of strength and vitality, in addition to all resist and/or attack speed. But any other additional stat can also be found and should be valued on these items. Since attack speed is getting nerfed, it might not be worth it to invest in that, but currently it is by far the best DPS stat. That is up to you to decide.

I think a good plan for someone on a budget, is look for at least 1 amulet or ring with str/vit/resist all and 1 with str/vit/attack speed, while leaving 1 of them up to cover for any other stats you might lack. If you can find an amulet or ring with 4 of the stats, such as str/vit/resist all/atk speed, that is really good, but also often very expensive. But jewelry is generally very expensive, so prepare to spend much on these if you want some high quality items.

Justice lantern is also a ring to consider, and I'd consider the block% evenly good or better than the allresist/attack speed you would find on other rings. However, the prices on JL have skyrocketed and are now I believe over 6 mill, so it's not worth it. I bought mine while it was still at 1 mill, which is why I'm using it, I wouldn't pay 6 mill for one. You can probably find similarly good or better rares for the same price or less.


Main stats: DPS
Additional stats: Strength, Vitality, Socket, LOH

There are so many people saying you MUST HAVE X amount of LOH on your weapon. This is not true. Look for either a weapon with just as much pure DPS as you can afford, or one with a socket and gem it with an amethyst. If you happen to find one with the same DPS as blue weapons at the same price, but with additional stats, you may of course pick it up.


Main stats: Block%, Block Amount
Additional stats: All resist, Strength, Vitality, Life%, Crit%

Stormshield is overrated. Unless you can find one with around 30% block for really cheap (say like 5 mill) they are not worth it. There is only one type of shield you should be looking at from now on, which is the sacred shield. These have a white icon, as shown in my example below, and can have up to 29% block and best of all, have the highest block amount of any shield in the game; 3,7-4,7k. These are especially good if you have a helm of command and justice lantern, as the additional block% they provide scale with the block amount.

To start off with you can look for a sacred shield with 27-29% block without any additional stats. Such a shield should be good enough even for A3/4 if the rest of your gear is good.

You can find one for cheap like this one for 250k:

You can also find some with some nice stats, like this with strength for 800k:

5 Searching the AH

All the examples I've been listing here are items I found within seconds after searching. These are not the best items, but they are a good indicator of what you can get for these prices. While you might get through A3/4 with examples I listed above, you will probably need higher quality gear for higher prices (maybe 1-2m) to be able to comfortably farm A3/4.  

In better quality items, you're mainly looking for more stats and more resists, but also any additional stats you find (such as str/vit/ar/atk speed or crit% on gloves, str/vit/ar/movespeed on boots, HOC with good stats and AR, rings and amulets with str/vit/atk speed/resists, and so on). If you are patient and spend some time on the AH, you can find similar or better items for a lot cheaper.

An example is this shield I picked up for 15k, which I'm still using:

Spending time on the AH to look for such bargains is often just as good or even a better way to spend your time for gearing up than farming is. As you all have probably experienced, most of the time, farming only gives you crap items.

When I geared up I spent maybe half my time farming and half my time on the AH searching for deals, which is a huge part of how I managed to gear up so quickly and affordably compared to many others. While searching for cheap upgrades, you can also find items you can buy low and sell high to make an additional profit.

Bracers bought for 17k and resold for 1m:

So, how do you find such items for so cheap?

1. Time left. Look for items with 1d 11h or 12h left. You will never find an insanely good deal with less time left. Why? Beacuse the best deals are bought up instantly upon discovery. If an item has been on the AH for say 1d so that it is 12h left, it is probably overpriced, or else someone would have bought it already. That makes perfect sense, right?

2. Filters. When filtering, don't put your filters too high, and don't look specifically for 1 item slot. Even if it is in theory your chest you should upgrade first, what you should look for is bargains, not specific items. When just searching the AH for such bargains, I like to put my filters on:

Armor, All Armor Item Types
Filter 1: All resist: 51, 58, 61, 68 or 71, depending on what I'm searching for.

Can't be arsed to explain which number I use for what right now, but in short, round numbers can trick you. You might put filters to resist all 60 and find 1 item which seem to be underpriced, but if you just put the AR filter to 58 instead, you'd find a lot of similar or better items for cheaper, but with 58 or 59 instead, which is basically the same as 60. If that made sense.

Filter 2 and 3: Varies a lot, but common standard filters are Str 50-70 / Vit 50-70.

Sometimes I even put these numbers to 0, reason being you might find some shoulders with say 253 strength but only 47 vitality. They would give you 300 total stats, which is really good, but If you put the vitality filter to 50, you wouldn't find them at all.

3. Don’t filter by max buyout. I also don't like to set a max buyout even if I've decided I don't want to spend more than say 1m on an item, because I might find an insanely good item for say 1,1m, which I'd be willing to spend 100k more on.

4. How to check items for good deals. I sort by buyout and the first thing I look at is the time left, 1d 11h or 1d 12h and icon to determine the tier of the item. I check all these items, look at their stats, then their price, and then I spend about 2 seconds to decide if it is worth it or not to hit the buyout. If it's a really good deal, you often don't have much more time to think it over.

5. Using the filter to judge the price. If you are really unsure, it might be wise to put the item filter to that specific item slot, and lower or raise the str/vit filters up and down to see how the prices change in comparison to the item you've discovered, and you'll hopefully find out if it's underpriced, properly priced or overpriced.

For weapons, shield, jewelry and for specific items I use different filters, but I cant be arsed to go into detail of this. I might also consider uploading a video to show how I search the AH in action, while explaining these things I've tried to explain here. I'll see if I cba.

6 Minimum stats required for each act

Sorry brah, doesn’t work that way. Getting X amount of resists, armor, hp or whatever, won’t get you through the act.

Get as much of every main and additional stats as possible without neglecting any of them. If you have really good defenses, you can probably get by with less DPS, and same if the opposite is true, but keeping your stats balanced is key.

That’s it for me. Now everyone go on the AH and look for the same item recommendations and have fun.