There are many different places to farm gold in Diablo 3 but Inferno mode is by far the best. You will find all of the best items in the game and the highest gold drop rates in this mode. Many gamers are having a difficult time progressing through the later acts in Inferno difficulty. This is because of the crazy damage that each of the enemies deal. Because of this high damage, most players are going with the "glass cannon" setup, where they deal very high dps but die in 1 hit. Until Blizzard changes damage output in Inferno mode, this is, in my opinion, the best way to go for range classes. Act 1 in Inferno mode is fairly easy. You should have no problem farming this act with gear you used to level to 60. Anything past act 1 is a gear check. You will need to either farm act 1 Inferno for items or gold to buy gear from the gold auction house, or buy items from the real money auction house. Either way, you will want to gear up your character before trying to farm the later acts in Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3. Blizzard has been making some serious changes to prevent players from farming the same checkpoint or chest and is making it much more difficult to farm gold. Start out by farming act 1 Inferno until you have enough dps to clear the later acts. Repair costs have just gone up and dying over and over to kill 1 champion pack is not worth it anymore. Be sure to gear up your character before trying to farm later acts. Adding gold find to your character and your follower will help while farming act 1. Be sure not to sacrifice any other stats for gold find or magic find because you might not be able to kill enemies without enough dps. Find a good balance and farm act 1 until you have enough gear to progress. Repeat this through act 2 until you get past Belial. Once you get to act 3, things change a bit. Your goal should be to start farming items rather than gold. Currently, the best items in the game only drop in act 3 and 4 (in an upcoming patch, these items will have a small chance to drop in act 1 and 2). Maximize your dps until you can kill champion packs in Act 3 and 4 so that you can find items to sell on the gold or real money auction house. This is a much better way to farm gold than trying to earn it from gold drops alone. Gaining the Nephalem Valor buff for killing champion packs will increase your gold and magic find so you do not need to worry about these stats. You will also see that Blizzard has recently capped out the amount of games you can create per hour. This means that you will not be able to farm the same checkpoint over and over again. Go through all of the different acts and find the resplendent chest and treasure goblin locations. Your gold when farming should be to loot as many of these as possible. This will also increase the amount of time for each game, so that you do not reach the created games limit. You can farm all of these by starting the last checkpoint in each act, which will give you access to all of the waypoints. Gear up your character and work on your build while finding the best farming routes. Increasing dps and survivability will decrease downtime and gold spent on repairs. Use the information in this article to find the best gold farming locations for you Diablo 3 character.