To all of you Diablo fans out there, I know you cannot wait for that Diablo 3 release date. Diablo III is an action role playing game (RPG).

It is a definite continuation of the original Diablo series. You will be able to go through a number of different action packed settings as you unravel a heroic storyline.

Acting in combat with monsters, challenging bosses and building up the ability and experience of the character while you get incredible items is something that many hardcore gamers crave.

Yes, this is a new start that you are definitely going to have a good craving for. As all of the World of Warcraft haters say, you will be addicted to it (sarcastically speaking). Being addicted to a game is not possible, it is not something that flows through your veins. However, nonetheless, it is still fun.

So, when exactly is this game going to be released? Right now, it is too soon to tell. Blizzard Entertainment always has a goal to create games that are well balanced, fun and polished as much as possible. They plan on taking a lot of time to create this action packed game in order to make sure those gamers get the fix they need.

They know that the ones waiting for the game has set their expectations high, so they will be sure to fulfill them. They are aiming to release it on both Windows and Mac simultaneously.

They are also looking to localize it in a number of languages. They will release it in as many regions as they possibly can. The pricing will be announced when the release date gets closer.

So, now that all of that is out of the way, what characters are going to be in Diablo 3? There are going to be five classes. This will include the witch doctor, wizard and barbarian. You will also be able to create either a female or a male.

You will be able to create some unique characters that are packed full of power. You are also going to come face to face with some new customization options that will blow your hair back.

You are going to have character specialization that is out of this world. The character specialization is a lot better than the previous Diablo games that you have played.

So all of you hardcore, Diablo loving, gaming fans, the release date is awaiting us. When it is finally released, run out and reserve your copy, because I have a feeling that it is going to get grabbed from store shelves as soon as it arrives.