Diablo 3, I can proudly and confidently say, was one of the most anticipated games of the whole year. Activision reported that it was the most preordered blizzard game ever. For those who have never played Diablo it is a game where you take the reins of a lone hero as he tries to rid the world of Diablo. It is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – commonly referred to as a MMORPG.  

People camp out each year to await the release of their favorite games. Parties are created where people get the game and return to their house to have an all night gaming marathon. In the gaming world this is just something you do with all your buddies who share your love in games. I can gladly say that I was one of the people who waited up until 12:00am for the server to open on May 15th. For the first three hours of the game I wasn’t able to get onto the server. So many people were trying to log on that the server was bogged down, causing everyone to be kept away. At last though my patience was worth it and I finally got onto the server. From the very beginning of the game you will find yourself speechless. Once you have gone through the experience of creating your character, which is the only part of the game I didn’t like because of the lack of customization, you begin to watch the opening cut scene. The graphics on the cut scene are absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen such a crystal clear cut scene with such detail on the characters since Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

After the thrilling and entrancing cut scene you’re finally thrown into the role of your hero. Beginning as a very confident magician I find myself in New Tristram, a town that is ravaged by the rising dead. The story carries on after that to lead you to the girl that is in the beginning cut scene. I spent the first hour alone just running around and killing demons, not even concentrating on the storyline. All in all this game is one of the best I have played so far. The graphics of the game are very good, and can easily be changed to accommodate the graphics capabilities of your computer. The storyline, so far, has a way of drawing you in and keeping you attached to the computer. So far there is a huge level of “replayability” for this game. I have found myself not growing tired of it at all, and the ability to go back and play over missions and freely roam keeps gamers occupied and coming back for more. Diablo 3 is a great game that will stay on the top list of RPG games for years to come. I don’t regret a single penny I spent on it.