Back in 2006 I was sick with what I thought was a cold. I went to the emergency room and spent the usually 3 hours waiting to see a doctor. I was given many test but I ended up being misdiagnosised. My ailments had similar symptoms to some type of bone problem. I am at that certain age where the doctors think you should be going down hill so after all the test I was told I had rumtuide arthristis. I just could not believe what he told me. I had a cough, my chest was hurting. I did not want any food. I could only eat jello. I left the emergency room with a perscription for arthristis. With me continueing to be ill I decided to go to one of the local clinics and as soon as I opened my mouth the Dr diagnosised me with a case of pnemoruna . I was given a shot plus a perscription. As soon as I took the shot several hours later I begin to feel better.

A friend of mind had symptoms of sadness fatigue and insoma. The doctor gave her a diagnoses of depression. Well after me telling her about my horror she got a second opinion. When De De saw the other Dr. He gave her a TSH blood test to check for hypothroidism . To her amazement she was experiencing hypothyrodism. Her cholesterol was high and her blood pressure was also high. De was so happy to know that it is so important to get a second diagnoses.

My sister had symptoms of headaches, lack of balance and headaches. My brother in law immediately rushed her to the emergency to room. When she arrived whe was told she was probably having a sinus attack and that she should receive some meds for that. The Dr also wanted to know if this was something she had problems with often. My sister said she had been feeling bad all week and that she could not believe it was only a sinus infection. Well what do you think my sister did she went to antother Dr. who specialized in headaches and he told her she did not have migraines nor a sninus infection. The last Dr did not conduct any test. This new Dr did and she said my sister had a small agerism.

A couple of years ago my cousin was complaining of palpitation in the chest plus tightness. The Dr told her it was brought on by stress and she was not getting enough rest. My cousins did not go to a cardiologist she went to her family physician. This is a another story where there is a misdiagnoses. Sally immediately saw a specialist in the heart field. The Dr let her know to stop eating fried and processe foods. She was given some test and put on medication.