Technician work

Everyone had in some moment the experience of troubleshooting some equipment and probably everyone felt that the technical support could be better.

In fact we are following the same routine too long time: first we look if the machine can to fix itself, sometimes this solve the problem, after that we look if we can do something to it, most of the times we can't do anything, then we call the online support that sometimes suggest something we didn't try that sometimes work and sometimes not. After all we deliver the device in a maintenance service that maintain our "partner" far too long time to anyone, to say at last a budget that is more a invite to buy a newer model. It seems that there is a law that demands we waste all this time and energy to something so small and "cheap".

Of course I say that the technical support is great, many people would say that had their "life saved" by a good support service, but to some equipments we may say that are generally underachiever.

This is the case of the fax machines, because many electronic or mechanical defects appear upon transmitted or received documents in the form of illegibility of the text, bands crossing the page, vertical lines and other patterns. Then at the moment that the user found faillure of quality in his documents, he could send by your own facsimile machine online a "sample" (any document), that would be analysed by specialists on the devices that integrates the equipment, identifying the technical problems. So with that information, the administrative department could:

1) To verify the availability of service parts for that machine.

2) To calculate the final budget (component + execution of the repair)

3) To return the information to the client, by fax, phone, etc.

The situation of the client could be immediately seen by himself.

Then why the reality is not like that?

We have first to think about the point of view of the Companies?

They could say " To give this level of support would be need specialists that are necessary in the laboratories!" (Now we know who generally is supporting us).

Well, why then this service couldn't be done by a software online?

This is a good question, I think.

We already have for example the OCR (optical character recognition) software that can read text, then why wouldn't be possible a software like this to read other "fonts" like those patterns a trouble machine is issuing and analyse them.

What the Companies would think about that?

Well I'm not so smart like a octopus, but they could say " The fax machines are devices almost obsolete, no reason to do such investment in technology to give support to them."

How then fax machines "could answer" to this? Probably would say that the basis of these machines are the printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc that will be in the future and will need support too.

This was only a reflection, I hope one day this could be a substantial thing.



Technical Work

technical work