Hand painted furniture is very popular in and also very expensive. This is an easy way to add color in your room, but that doesn't mean that you have to break the bank doing it. Instead, you can paint your own furniture pieces to really get a custom look. You might not be ready to try your hand at a mural but you can really make an impact with simple patterns. Here are a few tips for diamond cabinet painting.

If you are going to be painting a lot of cabinets like in the kitchen you want to use a little bit of restraint. You can do this by just painting your kitchen island or your upper or lower cabinets. You'll also want to stick with one large diamond in the center of the cabinet. This will also help because when you are doing a large project you want to make sure that it doesn't overwhelm your space. Another option for toning down an island is to just stick with basic stain colors instead of paint colors. You could create the same effect just by going with different finishes of the same paint color or possibly trying out two closely related colors. This diamond effect is an easy way to makeover your existing cabinetry. It allows you to bring in multiple colors and give a little bit of pattern to your space. If you keep with wood tones it really allows the beauty of the natural wood to show through but your cabinets will be something a little bit different.

Measure and tape very carefully. A diamond is a very precise look. There is really no room for error. You might want to use a paint pen to finish off the edges to really clean it up when you are done with the painting. It does take a lot of hard work but you want to make sure that you achieve a very clean effect. This way it won't look like a craft project that just went bad.

Incorporate your diamond cabinet design into your overall design style. This doesn't mean that you have to paint everything you see with a diamond. In fact just using a diamond effect on an end table or nightstand can really add a powerful impact to the room. You can even try it on a dining room or a buffet. Using paint allows you to mask a lot of the defects that might be on your existing furniture pieces or you can also just renew items that you can find at the thrift store.

Create your own unique color palette. The great thing about a diamond effect is that you can incorporate one of the colors that you already have in your room such as the color of your carpet and then incorporate it with your fabric colors such as turquoise. This gives you a custom color palette that also ensures that everything in your room makes sense.

You can also work a diamond pattern cabinet design into your overall theme. For a French or shabby chic look try out a cream and black pattern. You can glaze over the top and could even sand part of it down so it looks like an antique piece of furniture. This is a big focal point so you want to keep the rest of the pieces neutral. You should look for cabinet doors that are flat and clean as well as keep your doorknobs very neutral.