Are you considering a diamond insurance? Do you have valuables that need to be protected? In this article I will cover 3 basic diamond insurance related questions: What is it? How does it work? What does it cover?

Engagement rings are very costly, and all you want is for them to be protected the best way possible. You can purchase a safe, but is it enough? What if you have them cleaned somewhere, for example, and they got lost, misplaced or stolen? 

One recommended option to protect your most dear jewelry is to take advantage of diamond insurance. Consider your engagement rings and other jewelry as a form of investment, and it is indeed a smart move by making sure they are covered by a reliable diamond insurance company.

Diamond Insurance - How does it work? What does it cover?

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While you have the standard homeowner’s insurance, keep in mind that it only has limited loss limitations, but to make sure that you are not wasting money, check with your insurance company first if you still need a diamond insurance policy that will protect your valuables. Majority of them cover only losses that took place in your residence on account of robbery, for instance. Furthermore, the coverage amount will be limited as well. In the event that your valuable goes beyond the utmost coverage, your policy won’t pay the cost of replacement or the jewelry’s appraised value.

Whether you have just bought your jewelry or has been with you for years, there is no excuse for you to obtain a diamond insurance to keep it protected. There are diamond insurance companies nowadays that are ready to assist you in choosing a policy which can meet your budget and demands. Most of the time, the cost is determined through a basic method. Several selections obtainable in your homeowner policy also play a role in determining the overall cost of diamond insurance policy.

The diamond insurance policy you have chosen must consist of coverage in the event that your jewelry was stolen or lost. Carefully examine your policy as most of them only cover theft.  In addition, you may wish to obtain a policy which provides coverage in cases of stone loss, cracks or repair. Make certain that the company covers all such concerns and find out if the policy involves a deductible payment.

Moreover, check if the policy covers the full replacement cost if necessary. There are some that pay only a portion of the actual cost of replacement. The most excellent policies provide cash for the jewelry’s value, thus giving you the opportunity to find and purchase a new one at any jewelry store.

Keep in mind that a diamond insurance for your engagement rings and other jewelry will ensure that they are all in good hands for years to come. Now is your time to decide whether or not the safety of your valuables is worth to consider. They could be in a safe along with your secret password or lock or what have you, but think of other possible occurrences as well which may lead to the loss of your jewelry.

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