Everyone wants expensive and beautiful diamond rings on their fingers. It's by far the most luxurious and beautiful gemstone on the market. The problem with that is the expensive price tags that come with these luxurious gemstones, and not everyone can afford these expensive exotic diamond rings for their future to be husband or wife. Although if you do your home work, you can find some going for great deal under $100 dollars.

They might not be the biggest gemstone in size, but they're still the real thing These can still make for find jewelry for men and women despite the cheap price its going for. If you're planning on getting married, then this is a huge step you're making in your life. You don't have to buy the most expensive engagement jewelry out there, but you don't want to buy her something that doesn't make her feel worthy.

Engagement rings and wedding bands featuring diamonds that are going for under $100 dollars can really help save you a lot money, while still finding something respectful for her. Wedding enough will cost you a lot of money. No reason to throw away more money than needed on an engagement ring Down below are the some of the very best of what you can find online for the best prices.

Where to Buy Diamond Rings under $100 Dollars for Women

Overstock - This is one of the better online sites to find Diamond rings for sale online. There are quite a few good deals on diamond rings for women. The Gold over Silver diamond accent ring is going for a really cheap price for only $50 dollars. It can make for a nice wedding ring, or a special occasion ring for the holidays. 18 karat gold over sterling silver, featuring white diamond accents on each ring. It's a three ring diamond ring. It's pretty nice for its extremely low price. It's a bit simple in design, but classy, and not a bad looking piece of jewelry. Overstock has a wide variety of plenty of other diamond rings under $100 dollars, or just right above those prices. A good site to shop online and you can get customer feedback on products. Plenty of eternity wedding bands available for women. Different sizes can be customized.

Amazon - Diamond rings under $100 dollars for women are a little harder to come by. Online at amazon there are a few you can find under these prices, that have gotten some good customer feedback. I always love shopping at Amazon since, there's a lot of customer feedback on the products being sold. I'm always a skeptic, and love to read customer feedback.

The Heather's Diamond Silver Wedding Rings is pretty splendid looking for its low price. The only downside is that its only available in sizes 8 and 9. No reason to worry though, there's a large inventory of the V-Look 1/4ct Diamond Wedding Band in Sterling Silver Ring that's available in all sizes for women. At retail prices these bands go for nearly $400 hundred dollars, but you can purchase it online at amazon for prices under $100 dollars. 1/4 total carats of weight are featured, along with a sterling silver and 13 diamonds on the band.


Engagement Rings for Cheap Prices

Buy.com - It might be hard to get away with paying under $100 dollars for an engagement diamond ring, but it can be done! Buy.com always has some for the cheapest products going for sale for the best deals online. They have a collection of quality jewelry going for great prices. If you're looking for something of class, then take a look at The Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring & Wedding Band that's being sold on their website. It costs under $50 dollars, but its not a bad piece of jewelry. A real deal saver. It's available in ring sizes 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. The carat weight is 1.25 for the middle, and 2.10 for the sides. The carat weight on the wedding band is 2.40 carats.

Sterling Silver Round Diamond Fashion Ring (1/20 cttw)
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Where to Buy Diamond Rings for Men

Sears - Men need a decent wedding band if they're about to get married too. Sears is a great place to shop for diamond wedding bands for men. The Round Diamond and Enamel Men's Wedding Band in sterling silver is pretty nice. It's going for sale as well. It's cheap since its made of sterling silver, instead of white gold. Usually prices would cost over a hundred dollars. Seven round diamonds are featured, along with silver diamond shaped accents, along with black highlighting along the wedding band. The size is available in 10 1/2 for men. 

Amazon - Amazon is one of the top selling online sites on the web. Amazon has a huge collection of Men's Sterling Silver Diamond Rings being sold for prices under a $100 dollars. Quite a collection of different wedding ring bands to choose from. If you enjoy a yellow gold plated ring with silver, then amazon has a large inventory of these rings for you to purchase. Available in quite a few sizes, and they're going for sale right now. Retail prices are usually above $200 dollars. Quality and low prices meet on these wedding band rings for men.