Most people love diamond and gold jewelry. When all said and done, it is beautiful and functional, and it is impressive to others, as well. Females naturally are ordinarily fanatics about diamonds, which is why the diamond betrothal ring industry is so popular and expanding. Gold simply has a classic, elegant look that anybody can appreciate. Combine the two in a ring, watch, or earrings, and you've got a winning combination. But even supposing it looks good, you're going to be spending a good number of money on it, so you would like to be certain it is a good investment. Is it?

Gold is generally an improved investment than diamonds. That is as it is a universally recognized type of cash. Even if cash is devalued in your country or all over the world, you'll still be able to deal goods using gold as a medium of exchange. To be certain that you get the most out of your gold, be certain that it is 18 karats at a minimum, though 24 karat gold is best because it is the purest. Don't opt for lower karats than 18, as these are the not as valuable and won't be in a position to be traded on the open market if you must.

You can literally take yourself around the world with gold. Although you gone along in a distant country with no cash of your personal nation's currency or that of the foreign nation you were visiting, you could be able to get cash if you'd gold in the sort of bars, coins, or jewelry. All you would have to do would be to take your gold to a local money changer, who would then exchange your gold for currency according to whatever the going rate of gold was in that country. You could get your gold changed into cash at a bank in whatever people you happened to be in.

Diamonds are mainly for show and haven't much value as cash. Even when you sell them to a jewelry store after you've worn them, you'll still discover that you're taking a loss. Plus, most diamonds in the world are mined in nations where the miners are given slave labor wages and where wars are fought over the proper to mine them. These diamonds are commonly called blood diamonds as a consequence of all the individuals who get killed in the mining of them. They are not really an ethical choice in jewelry. You could theoretically sell your diamonds for cash at a jewelry store in an overseas country, and some funds changers might accept them if diamonds were trading high there, but in the main, it is much better to keep gold as an investment than diamonds.

When it comes to diamond and gold jewelry, you can certainly combine the two, but as far as pure investment value and ethical nature, gold is the clear winner. Look for it when you're looking for an investment in which you can be safe in and proud.