Diamondback BMX bikes first burst onto the scene in 1977 when they started manufacturing their original framesets from mild steel and chromoly in Southern California. They were intended to be produced and sold specifically for the Californians and not on a national scale but within a few short years their popularity grew enough to where most people all across America could easily buy Diamondback BMX bikes for sale. In their early days they didn't even have individual models. Each of their cycles was simply known by their main brand name. After moving to a much larger facility in Japan in 1978, the company finally decided to start releasing PRO and TK models to the public. Because of this decision, Diamondback BMX bikes sewed their seeds and didn't take long to blossom into one of the top brands on the market. Even in this day and age in 2010 they continue to push forward and prove their worth in the extreme cycle industry.

Diamondback BMX Bikes

Best Diamondback BMX Bikes for Sale

In this section we are going to take a gander at three of the best models that this company currently sells and explain what makes them so great. Each of these models have shown to be good Diamondback BMX bikes for sale with plenty of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

2010 Joker - The Joker is a very well-received 20" freestyle model that costs about $220 from Amazon.com. They are geared towards mid-size riders who enjoy doing tricks on the street or at the park. These Diamondback BMX bikes for sale are some of the most popular entry-level cycles and come with Tektro 907 U-brakes, sound alloy platform pedals, a Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, tubular chromoly 3-piece cranks, 48-spoke alloy wheels, and a 1-1/8" threadless FSA headset. For riders who like to grind, not only will you appreciate the next model but you'll also enjoy the two pegs that come with the Joker.

2010 Grind - This is one of the most versatile Diamondback BMX bikes for sale because they come in several different sizes including 16", 18" and 20". Each version is just as good as the last but they are made for different size riders like kids, teens and adults. The Grind has a low-profile frame made from the same Hi-Ten steel as the Joker as well as the same FSA threadless headset. They also come with many other fantastic features like LeeChi U-brakes, sound alloy platform pedals with axles made from durable chromoly steel, DB Cellblock tires, a detangler, and a two-piece 24" handlebar set.

2010 Nitrus - Here is another model that can be bought in a few different sizes like 20" and 24". The Nitrus Diamondback BMX bikes for sale range in price between $200 and $300 and have many innovative parts and components that set them apart from other cycles. Their heat-treated aluminum frame is very responsive and durable, yet still relatively light. The Nitrus is built for both on- and off-road cycling and have advanced Tektro rear linear-pull brakes that provide excellent precision and control over speed.

If you like these models but are still interested in other Diamondback BMX bikes for sale then I don't blame you. You can easily look up product descriptions and reviews online for any of their 2010 line-up so take advantage, and keep these other models in mind:

  • Viper 20" (Racing)
  • Accomplice 20" (Freestyle)
  • Reactor Pro 20" (Racing)
  • Lucky 16"/18"/20"/24" (Freestyle/Racing)
  • Orion 20" (Freestyle)
  • Option 20" (Freestyle)
  • SkinDog 20" (Freestyle)
  • Session 24" (Racing)
  • Venom 20" (Freestyle)

Cheap Diamondback BMX Bikes for Sale

The vast majority of this company's cycles can be conceived by many people to be expensive, with most of them being priced between $300 and $500. There are, however, still a few cheap Diamondback BMX bikes to consider that are less than $300. Some of them are even under $200, but those are usually just the kids' versions. The lists below can be used as a reference for you to further pursue your search. I will list the models plus the average price and you can pick and choose which ones sound like good deals to you.

Cheap Diamondback BMX Bikes Under $200

  • Viper 20" ($160)
  • Grind 20" ($180)
  • Grind 18" ($175)
  • Grind 16" ($190)
  • Jr. Viper 20" ($150)
  • Joker 20" ($160)
  • RM 20" ($195)
  • Viper X ($180)

Cheap Diamondback BMX Bikes Under $300

  • Lucky 24" ($300)
  • Lucky 20" ($300)
  • Lucky 18" ($280)
  • Lucky 16" ($255)
  • Nitrus Junior 20" ($230)
  • Nitrus 24" ($260)
  • Option 20" ($260)
  • Skin Dog 20" ($230)
  • Session 24" ($220)

2010 Diamondback BMX Bikes for Sale

  • 2010 Skin Dog
  • 2010 Session
  • 2010 Viper
  • 2010 Grind
  • 2010 Joker
  • 2010 Impression (Girls)

I hope that with everything I have presented throughout this article that you now feel a little more comfortable about whether or not this brand is for you. There is a reason why Diamondback BMX bikes have been around for so many years and why they continue to be one of the more popular companies in the extreme cycle industry.