Dad's across the world no longer have to worry about carrying around their wife's pink floral designer diaper bags in shame any longer. Someone out there heard the cries for manliness and came out with the Diaper Dude product line. Now fathers can hold their heads high again. OK - maybe a little over the top, but I really think these bags are great.

Until recently, most diaper bags were aimed at what they though was their target market - women. However there have always been plenty of dads with the same needs to carry all their gear around when they are out traveling with the baby for the day or longer. The choice was either to take the oh-so unmanly diaper bag their wife picked out, or try and stuff all the things they needed into their backpacks. And while backpacks do hold a lot of stuff, it really is as convenient.

The Diaper Dude diaper bags now give men style and functionality. They come in a lot of really great patterns. Two of the most popular are the camo and skull and crossbones designs. But they have plenty more to choose from as well. You can get plain colors like navy blue and black as well.

These bags also come in style men don't mind carrying - that means no more tote bags. Most models are either messenger bags or backpacks. What's so great is that they are also set up to carry all the things you need and make them easily accessible. There are pouches on the outside to be used for bottles, wipes, or any items you need to get to quickly. On the inside there are more pockets and a big roomy main compartment to stuff full of diapers. Some models even have a built in padded changing mat that is really cool.

I'm so glad to see someone came out with a line of diaper bags for dads. Now fathers can look cool and feel comfortable toting all their babies supplies when out for a day at the zoo, park, or wherever they like to spend time together.