My landlord asked me, one day, if I had ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth. 
Of course I hadn't, but I live a very holistic lifestyle, and I was interested in learning more. 

After a whole day of research, and exhausting every bit of information I could, I decided to purchase a 2 lb. bag myself and try it out.

For those of you who have never heard of Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, as I will refer to it from now on, let me explain what it is.

Simply put, Diatomaceous Earth is the remains of microscopic, one-celled plants, called "Diatoms".  For those who like the scientific name, "Phytoplankton"

Diatoms lived in oceans, and lakes covering the Western part of the United States, and huge deposits have been found in other parts of the world. 

They mine for DE from ancient, dried water sources that are thousands of years old. 

In my research, I was very surprised to learn that there are other grades of DE, and it is not just used for consumption. 

There is Pool Grade DE.  This has been heated, and chemically treated to use in swimming pool filters.  It is not for human or animal consumption.  It is toxic. 

There is also an Industrial Grade of DE.  This is used in make-up, drugs, paint, and insecticides.

Food Grade DE is approved to be mixed in livestock grain to control mealworms, and other parasites that afflict horses, and cattle.  It is also approved for indoor/outdoor use to control crawling insects without the use of chemicals. 

Now, after reading all that, and hearing it was used to filter swimming pools, and used in livestock feed, I wanted to know why humans were eating it.

DE is actually the spiny remains of ancient plant life.  It lived during a time when the earth was abundant, and rich in minerals.  Just as grass is the primary staple of land grazing animals, DE is the algae food source for all water grazing animals.

If you were to look at DE under a microscope, they would look like tiny shards of glass, or spiny pieces of hard shell.

The reason people consume DE, according to my hours of research, is because Scientists are suggesting that only 20 percent of the Earth's parasites can be detected.  That means there is 80 percent more parasites out there that are not detected.  These same Scientists further suggest that every illness known to mankind can be traced back to a parasite in the body.  DE kills parasites, to the microscopic level.

Because of the microscopic, spiny shards, DE punctures the exoskeleton of all parasites.  Once the exoskeleton is punctured, the parasite dries up, and is eliminated.

Another great benefit is that you get Trace Minerals from consuming DE.

Well, like I said, I purchased a 2 lb. bag of DE.  I purchased mine online, but I also found out you can purchase DE at your local feed store.  Just make sure that you ask for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. I paid $4.95 for 2 lbs. but I spent $11.00 for the shipping.  It is my strong suggestion that you drive to a feed store.

I spent an hour on the phone with a woman from the company I purchased my DE from.  I asked her to tell me specifically how DE is to be used.

I was told that I could sprinkle it on my carpet and furniture.  Leave it on over night and then vacuum.  It will eliminate fleas, ticks, lice, and other crawling insects in my home.  It can be sprinkled in your garden to control the same without chemicals. 

I was told to mix 2 Tablespoons daily in my favorite juice, or in a blended smoothie.  It will kill any parasites living in the body, and give the body Trace Minerals.

I have been consuming DE for over a month.  My hair and skin have improved considerably.  My energy level has a tangible improvement.  It aids in the digestion of my food, and leaves me with an over all good feeling in my body.  The days that I missed taking it were felt.

I have found only two drawbacks with DE. 

First, it is milled into a fine powder.  You do not want to breath it in.  If you have asthma or other breathing problems, make sure you wear a mask when you use it.

Second, it does increase your appetite, and for some, that is not what they are looking for.  DE cleans your system, and the increased appetite is because your system is functioning properly and needs the fuel to function.  The Diatoms aid in metabolizing your food, so you aren't storing as much, and have a better process of elimination. I haven't gained an ounce since taking it.

If you decide to try DE, make sure you ask for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  It is worth trying out for overall health.