Philips dictation machine

There are a number of different types of dictation machines and recording products that you could consider so you will certainly want to be certain that you know exactly what you require so that you can pick the most appropriate machine.

A dictation machine is the type of proficient piece of equipment that many professional companies ought to have as part of their office and admin back up equipment. The awareness that the data that you compile on a day to day basis is documented on a dependable appliance will be an important asset. When you are participating in things such as meetings, seminars or if you're collecting your own individual notes, you will be safe in the knowledge that everything will be organized in a very streamlined way.

Buy A Philips Dictation and Transcribing System

If you are looking for an all round high performing digital dictation unit then you may be interested in choosing the Philips Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit. This system is the kind of thing that could be appropriate in almost any business.

Included in this product you can expect to receive all the necessary accessories to be able to connect it to your computer because it is PC compatible.

You will have the capacity to store your recordings and transcriptions in good condition because the programme includes a folder system for convenient file management.

The Philips Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit boasts a easily-removed SD memory card. This is a 1 GB memory card. If required you could also decide to extend amount of memory space making it a total of 2 GB.

The length of recording time that is available using this type of system is anywhere up to an amazing 250 hours and this amount increases when you are recording on the memory card. To be able to move your data from the dictation machine to a computer, all you have to do is connect the appliances with the USB cable that comes as part of the price.

Other Dictation Systems That You Could Take Into Consideration

There are several models that are currently available to buy that you could also take a look at.  This is a good way to compare what each make has to offer and to see what best suits your requirements.  Other brands that you could research include the Olympus digital transcription kit or the Sony dictation and transcribing machine.