As You Can See, Alex Jones Looks Quite A Lot Like Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones

Is Alex Jones Really Bill Hicks?

It's Thanksgiving 2013, and I'm awakened by my younger brother, Jonathan, as he knocks on the door.  It's already 11 a.m., and I should have been up and getting ready for the family already, but instead I'm groggy, and the brother hands me a nice cold Miller lite.  I'm close with my brother, and have been since we've been adults, but I don't get to see him often, as he lives 70 miles away.

Traditionally, I'm the family nutjob.  I'm the conspiracy guy.  I've been wrong, and proven wrong about some things, and that's no problem for me.  I've also concluded some things on my own I'd never seen anyone state before, and had people tell me I certainly was right about it all.  I've no idea how the early after waking conversation got started down the road it did, but it's hard to remember what one was previously talking about when your younger brother blows your head wide open by telling you your favorite deceased comedian is really Alex Jones; or rather, that Alex Jones is really William Melville Hicks, or as he was known, Bill Hicks.

Of course I reacted to this conspiracy thing with annoyance, disdain, and incredulity.  I loved Bill Hicks, I've seen every video of him I've ever ran across on Youtube, and in the early 90's when I'd hear he was going to be on some late night television show, I made damned certain I got to see it. My brother acted like he didn't care one way or the other.  I did what modern people do, I made a funny status thing out of it on Facebook; and then one particular guy who's ideas aren't so easily dismissed told me I might ought to look into it before dismissing it, because he'd said there was a lot there to consider.

There Is A Lot More To The Conspiracy Theory Than Similar Looks

Bill Hicks And Alex Jones

First The Mind Thinks A Thing, Then, The Mind Seeks To Prove The Thing

As it turns out, there are some pretty intriguing reasons why persons with sound minds would believe Bill Hicks faked his death, and then four years later became Alex Jones.  Oh I know how the human mind works, at least a little bit I do.  I know the human mind is forever seeking patters in things, and seeing things which are there, and drawing conclusions which can't be proven to be true.  Everyone does this.  First a mind sees a thing, or imagines a thing, truly, the mind thinks a thing, and then the mind seeks to prove the thing.  We call this, "the thinker and the prover[1]," and the idea is laid out extremely well in Prometheus Rising[2].

All this thinking and proving business is something of a mental trick, a built in bias all of us, each and every last one of us has.  When you believe a thing, your very mind ignores the things which might lead you to believe the thing isn't true, and the mind constantly accumulates things to use to justify that the belief held is true.  One must forever be very cognizant of such things, and simply recognize that no matter how brilliant you may be, you are, in fact, biased and wrong on many occasions.

So, do I believe Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks?  No.  I do not believe this conspiracy theory at all.  I do have to admit, however, that I could be wrong.  It's not my intention to say one way or the other, but as I stated, I do not believe Jones is Hicks.  I do want to take the time to point out why it is some persons believe this thing.  The top page in Google search for the theory will lead you to a site called The Atlantean conspiracy, and the page[3] provides some pretty intriguing things to consider.

I'm a conspiracy theory guy, and I'm fond of some because I believe them to be true, and then there are conspiracy theories I think of as dumbest ever. For a conspiracy theory to make any sense at all, there's got to be a lot to it, and in the case of Bill Hicks really being Alex Jones, there is certainly a lot more to the thing than the very obvious facial similarities.

When it comes to beliefs, I want folks to understand I don't care what you think about Alex Jones, Bill Hicks, or what happened in Waco, Texas regarding the Branch Davidians.  The absolute fact is the United States Federal government murdered those people, they burned those people alive because the federal government doesn't give a damn about you, me, or anyone.  The absolute truth is we're free to do what we're told, but only if we're dumb enough to consent to the idea in the first place.

Bill Hicks, Alex Jones - And The Mass Murders In Waco, Texas

It's impossible to discuss either Bill Hicks or Alex Jones without understanding the convictions the two men, or the one man had or have.  Bill and Alex both can be associated with a sense of outrage towards the federal government of the USA, and this outrage is both justified, and righteous.  There's no denying the mass media in the USA demonized both the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, and the entire group of Branch Davidians at Waco.  Hey guess what?  NOT A THING the mass media stated to convince the public the murders they committed can be proved to be true.  Do you know what can be proven as true?  Oh just the federal government of the USA murdered members of the Randy Weaver family simply because they wanted to, and then had the mass media in the USA slander the man's family[4] because they'd already murdered several members of his family.

If you're the person who thinks the dead at Ruby Ridge and Waco deserved what they got, then you're simply not a person who has the ability to consider yourself the equal of other human beings; and this is because youre exceedingly low intelligence quotient precludes you being able to converse with rational humans on the level of a rational human being. I can assure you you have no more or less value than anyone else, but you'll likely consider yourself something superior, despite being obviously far more stupid than anyone worthy of conversing with. So the people who supported the mass murders at Waco, and Ruby Ridge, those people have the same objective value to the universe at large, but you should never consider such a person your equal in regards to the values those persons hold, as their value set is primarily based upon mass media values, which are merely the values of an lesser evolved chimpanzee, or perhaps a Cro Magnon man.  If you believe what happened at Ruby Ridge or in Waco to be "okay," then you are what we now refer to as "the zombie apocalypse," the brain dead fool who supports Obama, or some other charlatan because mass media never ceases droning on and on and on that you should believe this, buy that, and shun those who neither believe what they say, or purchase what they say to purchase.

Whether you believe Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks, or not; one thing is certain.  Both persons, or that same person, were completely disturbed by what happened in Waco, Texas; and only a rational human being would be.  Very few people in the USA seem to be aware enough of the world at large, or even what happens outside their own petty tiny minds to care, but Bill and Alex sure did, or do.  Both, of course, hail from the great state of Texas.  Texas, of course, is supposed to be the place where we DO NOT conform to federal governance ideals.  Here we are TEXANS, and us being TEXANS supersedes being US citizens. How could this have happened here, and in our great state?  The mass murders of persons who can not be proven to have done the things mass media accused them of isn't something we Texans can be blamed for, it was the United States federal government, and the terrorist organizations known as the ATF, and the FBI[5] who were responsible.

Other Conspiracy Talking Points And Similarities

Again, I want to state I do not believe that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.  I know what a brilliant man Bill Hicks was, and I don't see that man in Alex Jones.  I'm not insulting Alex Jones when I say that, I'm merely saying he's not Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks was hilarious.  He lived to reveal the dark side of humanity, and Alex Jones does that quite well too; but Bill was hilarious while doing it, and he'd only sometimes break into fits of screaming and yelling, a really righteous and rational rage.  Alex Jones is ranting and raving all the time, Alex seems like he's going to have a heart attack, or even a stroke if he doesn't settle down sometimes, and besides all of that, Mr. jones isn't much funny...hardly ever does Jones crack a joke.

Bill Hicks was an absolute genius with a massive comprehension of every aspect of life, he knew physics, literature, history, theology, and social events he attacked with a zeal and humor that Jones simply doesn't show any ability to be comparable to Hicks.  Oh the tales go Hicks died in 1994, and that is what I believe.  The tales go on that Jones has no verifiable history before 1998, and that sounds a lot like nonsense to me.  Literally, with the internet, anyone can concoct a fine yarn towards a profit, or towards an end, and I'm not buying this one.  Again, I also have to say I could be wrong.  Prove me wrong.

Oh their faces are so damned similar, but I know for sure there are lots of folks walking around Texas that look damned similar to me.  Hey, I've got moles on my neck too!  The tales go that Hicks had moles on his neck, and Alex has scars on his neck where moles used to be...becaus he's really Hicks, of course.  Prove it.  You know, I do not doubt such a body transformation can take place.  I do not doubt a man can fake his death, have moles removed, lift weights, dye his hair, and pretend to then be another man - even a man with the same sorts of mannerisms and some of the same convictions; but Jones' face being damned near the same as was Hicks', and sharing a lot of the same convictions about government, and society...that's not enough.  Bill Hicks had a personality that was nothing like any other, and Jones?  Jones is his own man too, he's not the same man.

The Kevin Booth angle always comes up when this topic is discussed.  Kevin Booth was Bill Hicks best friend, and also his producer.  He's also the producer for Alex Jones.  This in no way means Jones is really Hicks.  Listen, Hicks and Jones, and Booth, those are three men from Texas, and all three shared some of the same values, it's NO WONDER they all are associated, they've the same interests, the same goals, the same values.  

Yeah yeah yeah.  The teeth, supposedly they have the same teeth with, and without teeth caps.  Again, all it takes is the internet and good software, and you too can do this sort of thing, and again, I know I could be wrong.  I just don't believe I am.  Alex Jones doesn't share the same sort of ontology, nor the same sort of epistemology.  I love Alex Jones, in a way, but not like I loved Bill Hicks.  Even if Alex is Bill, and he's not, then either way, Bill Hicks, William Melville Hicks, that man is truly dead and gone.' and I'm dedicated to honoring his memory, his genius, his sarcasm, his rage, and his insight.  Let us let Bill Hicks Rest in peace.  Alex Jones lives on, he rages on, he carries on, and in a lesser way, I'm proud of him too.  Alex may be half crazy, he may not be all he proclaims to be, but he's not the man Bill Hicks was, we can love and appreciate Alex just the same. Thanks for reading.