Snopes.Com  states that Canadian researchers found that DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate Acid) is a simple cure for cancer.   They state that it kills lung, breast and brain cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells alone.   This is a contrast from the traditional chemotherapy clinical trial treatments, which kill the healthy cells as well as the cancerous cells.    


According to,although DCA is widely used,DCA is without a patent.  Pharmaceutical companies will not invest in the DCA research if it is without a patent, because they will not make any money.   So apparently, if the pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from DCA, they will continue making money off the trial medicines from chemotherapy and radiation.   Even though there are many cancer survivors, there are still those that do not survive the clinical trial treatments of chemotherapy.   The killing of the good cells from the chemotherapy is so overwhelming;  resulting in the death in many people. 


“The last study in 2010 of DCA  it seems like it is  worth pursuing, but is far from being proven as an effective treatment for any type of cancer, much less a cancer cure,”  according to Dr. J. Leonard Lichtenfeld,   the  Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society.   He mentions this at Snopes.Com

According to, scientists at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton Canada, found the cure using Dichloroacetate.   One use of DCA is to treat metabolic disorders.   The claim is that it has no side effects and requires no patent.   This is unlike chemotherapy, which has an entire list of side effects such as appetite/taste changes, low blood counts, cognition/memory loss, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, mouth sores, dry mouth nerve damage, pain, sleep disturbances, swelling, and much more.  With all the side effects that can incur with chemotherapy, I now can understand when someone tells me that they are a cancer survivor.   They have had to survive much more than cancer.   

 In addition, once a patient undergoes cancer treatment, there is no guarantee that it will not return somewhere else in their body.  

Unfortunately, cancer affects all ages.  It is not limited to the older generation. Cancer affects the young and old.    I spoke to an 18-year-old.  She had cancer.  She was so young.   She was from Libya and lived part of her years in the United States and part in Libya.  She spoke of all the additives and preservatives in the fast foods in America.    When she was in Libya, she ate much healthier.   She ate lots of vegetables and fruits and not as many fast foods that were available in America.  

I also, talked to another woman who was quite bitter, because she felt the chemotherapy killed her husband, stating he had frequent seizures because of it.   No one likes to experience the loss of  a loved one, especially to cancer.

Cancer is the biggest killer of people age over 75 according to  The Telegraph of the United Kingdom; the elderly are just not strong enough to withstand chemotherapy and radiation. 

 CBS news, shared a research paper that a California high school student may have discovered a cure for cancer.  Her idea was to mix cancer medicine in a polymer that would attach to Nan particles that would attach to the cancer cells to show up on a
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).  Aiming an infrared light directly at the tumors will melt the polymer and release the medicine. This will kill the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells unharmed.  She entered this project into the National Siemens Science Contest and received a check for $100,000.  I would say that was impressive. 


Metastasis sites for common cancersCredit: Author, Mikael Haggstrom, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

There will be pros and cons about the different ways to treat cancer.    What are your thoughts about a cure for cancer?[3233][3234][3235][3236]