Experimentation Can Help You Maximize Your Online Revenue Earnings

If you are an online content publisher, chances are, you rely on your articles to help you generate revenue online with the advertising that accompanies your content. It is well understood that writing high-quality content in conjunction with using Google AdSense can help you earn money, especially if your information receives a lot of unique visitor traffic. There are also many other income generating advertisement programs that you may want to consider to help maximizing your revenue potential.

Some authors choose to open an Amazon affiliate account to give their income a boost. This is an easy process, and is usually done online in less than 5 min.. Once Amazon is able to review your application, you will be approved for an affiliate account here it this account allows you to place contextual links within your blog or article, which will give you the opportunity to earn revenue when someone clicks on and purchases an item from your link. Amazon will pay the publisher a percentage of the sale, as long as the sale was generated as a direct result of a link placed within your article. The more sales you helped initiate, the higher the percentage of revenue you will be paid. It is easy to see how this can increase your earnings exponentially, very quickly.

But what happens if you use Google AdSense and Amazon affiliates at the same time?

Personally, I started out using Google AdSense is my only source of online revenue. I have never had a problem with it- it was simple and generated a decent income. My earnings were good, and even reasonably predictable on a daily or weekly basis. Like many people, I decided to expand and became an Amazon affiliate. I added some contextual links to some of my articles, and waited for my profits to increase. Strangely enough, I noticed immediate drop in revenue when I added Amazon links to articles that already had AdSense advertising. I thought this might have been a coincidence, so I waited a few days to see if my AdSense revenue would pick up. It never did. I have gone six days straight without earning even a penny worth of revenue from Google AdSense since I added Amazon affiliate links to my articles. I have never gone this long without earning anything since I started earning revenue online. Yes, earnings may drop occasionally from day to day, but to earn absolutely nothing for six days? Not even a penny? Something is not right here. I'm not sure if this is due to Google penalizing my articles for the shared advertising or if there is another reason behind it.

I have also considered the obvious: it is entirely possible that because there are now more contextual links to Amazon in my articles,  that my visitors may be clicking on these links and no longer clicking on my Google AdSense advertising. Because I have not seen a particularly exciting result of these Amazon affiliate clicks, I need to decide if it makes better economical sense to limit my advertising to only Google AdSense or to risk combining them. Sometimes, more is not always better. I wonder if there are other publishers who have had the same issue. Has anyone else lost Google AdSense revenue after adding Amazon affiliate links in their content?

I have contacted Google customer service with this issue, but I don't expect a response any time soon. The customer service representatives at Google can be difficult to get a hold of and I am not holding my breath. Until then, I have taken my best-performing articles and have removed the Amazon links and I'm going to see if that increases my AdSense revenue. I will update this article with the results of my experiment as soon as they are in. If anyone else has any similar experience or feedback, I'd love to hear it.

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