Did Hitler commit suicide?

Hitler's last hours.

Let’s go back to the 30th of April 1945. The Russians are taking over Berlin street by street. And Hitler, who is save in his bunker in Berlin, is tired of fighting the Allies. He’s taken Germany from economical crisis to world power. He made great steps towards his big 3rd Reich. But now al his affords are futile and the war is coming to its end. During the staff meeting in the morning they come to the conclusion that it’s just a matter of hours before the Russians are at the bunker.

In the afternoon, after a short lunch, Hitler said goodbye to his staff and went in to his private room together with his new wife Eva Braun. But what happened next? Eva Braun took a cyanide pill and Hitler shoot himself in the head with his Walther PKK.   At 2:30 pm his servant Linge had orders to check on the bodies of the Fuhrer and his wife. He knew Hitler was dead but he doubted about Eva and put another bullet to be sure. The bodies of Adolf and Eva than got carried away in to the Chancellery garden just outside the bunker. They threw the bodies in a bomb crater soaked with gasoline and torched. They did everything to keep the bodies out of the hands of the Allies. But was it enough?


the bomb crater were Hitler and his wife got burned in after they committed suicide.

Russians find the bodies.

On the 4th of May the Russians find Hitler’s bunker and find remains two bodies. The Russians immediately think this could only be two persons, Hitler and his wife. After they took pictures of the corpses they took the bodies and put them in wooden boxes back to Russia. But was it Hitler’s body and that of his wife. Or was it a double like every leader has. Hitler was a man with a lot of enemies. So He must have got a few doubles. The mystery about the founded body starts.

Some people thought the picture taken by the Russians was in fact the double named Gustav Weber or even Hitler’s driver Julius Schreck because they do look alike according to many old party members. This also was plausible because Schreck had died a few years ago under strange circumstances.   A car accident, or even a tooth fever. Or was it Heinrich Bergner who got killed in 1944 due to a grenade hit. Or at the attack on Hitler’s life on 20th of July 1944 in the Wolf’s lair. And what about the burnt corpse they found was it Hermann Fegelein? How committed treason and got killed 2 days before Hitler supposedly committed suicide.

At the Potsdam meeting on the 17th of July Stalin talks to Truman about the body they found and that Hitler probably escaped instead of  committing suicide. But who was the person on the pictures they took? Was it a double of Hitler or was it all a big hoax by the Russian forces to walk away with the honor of finding the body of Hitler?

the pictures of Hitlers body on the 4th of may

What could have happened?

After 50 years when the cold war was over between the east and the west. Russia brings a picture of a skull, saying this is the skull of Hitler that they found on the 4th of may 1945. And this must conclude the ongoing investigation if Hitler really died. But after American researchers take a DNA test on the skull they find out it’s the skull of a woman no older than 40 years. So we’re is Hitler’s body. And was Stalin right about Hitler fleeing the country and were did he go?

After the war most of the German high staff like Mengele, Eichmann and Barbie fled the country to find refugee in South America. They did this through Ratlines. So which one would Hitler have taken and how did they pull it off? Some say Hitler and Eva got switched by double’s on 27th of April and they fled the bunker to take a plane to Spain. Helped by General Franco they left Spain on a plane to Fuerteventura. there they have boarded a U-boat and crossed the ocean to Argentina.

Or was it the story of  the German female intelligence officer who joint the Americans that is more plausible? Her father was one of the best plastic surgeons, and who did a job in his clinic on two high placed Germans. After two months the place burns to the ground and her father died in the fire. Was this an accident, or was it a setup to hide away the evidence of who the two man were. According to her report the two high placed Germans were in fact Bormann and Hitler.

So why Argentina? The fascist president Juan Peron.  Who was at full power  in Argentina tried to help out other fascist and created a safe haven for the Nazi’s, historians estimate a total of 5000 German Nazi’s fled to Argentina and were based around a village called Bariloche.  Abel Basti even wrote a book about the Nazi’s based around Bariloche. Here he states that Hitler and Eva lived in a farmhouse that was located in a forest close to the village.

What is the conclusion?

Will we ever find out if Hitler got away?

Will we ever know if Hitler got away or that he actually committed suicide? All investigations after the war with conclusions are being held secret. Scotland yard did an investigation about all this but put their information far away and will be released after 100 years. The FBI even got a file on Hitler.

So we probably are never going to find out if Hitler Committed suicide or……….