Diecast Model Airplanes: The Birth Of The Dream

The thought of flying with the birds, free as the wind, has been with man ever since the beginning of time. Several thousands of attempts have since been made to unite man with sky; to allow him the freedom to roam all three dimensions at will; to get him closer to God. None succeeded until that day that has since been marked in history forever, December 17th 1903; man's fervent hope of flying was finally fulfilled. That day was a turning point in history, and since then the field of aviation has given rise to better and better ways of getting off the ground, maneuvering in the air, and getting back down safely. Thousands have died in the process of making air travel safer than it's ever been in the history of flight; safer even, than crossing a busy street in a big city. The hobby of collecting diecast model airplanes has been a passion for many; an embodiment of the concept of flight. In fact, it's become so popular that hobbyists pay several hundreds or even thousands of dollars to own a scale model of a particular airplane from history. The high demand for quality diecast airplanes has created a burgeoning industry that caters to it, and profitably.

Diecast Model Airplanes: Flights Of Fancy

You might have seen diecast model airplanes at several places without really looking at them in great detail. Travel agents have models of the airlines they are linked to on their desks; airlines give them away as toys for children who fly with them; ex-pilots often have a few at home in memory of the planes they've flown; even kids that want to grow up to be pilots often have a model or two in their room as a constant reminder of their goal. With the proliferation of diecast model airplanes so wide-spread, more and more manufacturers have entered this domain, making it better not only for the professional hobbyist, but for Joe Public who's looking for that perfect birthday gift for his 8-year old.

Diecast Model Airplanes: To Each His Own

From the A-1 Skyraider to the Zero, every model of plane ever created – light, commercial, cargo and military – is available in today's diecast model airplane market. A brief look at some of the websites will make it amply clear that you need to know what you're after before you can even click go. A brief look at the classes of diecast model airplanes will crystallize our confusion into discernable components.

Pioneering Flight

The man-made bird at Kitty Hawk, the pioneer of flight, is available in various scale sizes. The detail is amazing, and even the ribs on the wings are realistic. Looking at one of these close up is like somehow transporting yourself back 107 years ago to that crisp morning when two intrepid explorers tossed the coin to see who would take the plunge.

The Great Wars: Masters Of The Dogfight

Famous WWI and WWII planes flown by British aces are all available on the internet; even the infamous Red Baron's Fokker DR1, as well as the plane that shot him down to make history – the Sopwith Camel. With tons of other aircraft such as the Spitfire and the de Havilland Tiger Moth, you can recreate your own heart-in-your-mouth dogfights in the comfort and safety of your own home or office.

Commercial Adventurers

For the more commercially inclined, there is a range of diecast model airplanes that replicates all the airlines of today. From American Airlines to US Airways, from Boeings to Bombardiers, the runway is thick with the fumes of jet fuel. This most popular class of diecast model airplanes is definitely on the ascent.

Militaristically Maneuverable

Skyhawks, Phantoms, Raptors, MiGs and Typhoons – the shelves are stacked with the stealthy and the stormy. Any Air Force man will have at least a few of these destroyers of the open blue. Available in realistic diecast models, these airplanes may still be in the air or living their lives out in a museum hangar, but their grounded scale counterparts will live on forever.

Whether you're 90 or 9, diecast model airplanes will hold your fancy for as long as you live because, just like Wilbur and Orville, each of us still have the urge to shed our worries, spread our wings, and take off into the big blue yonder.