If trucks, bulldozers, cranes and trains look like big toys for you to play with, then consider enrolling yourself in a diesel mechanic school. Take the extra challenge and specialize in diesel engines by enrolling in a diesel mechanic school nearest you. Diesel mechanic schools give the enrollees the opportunity to work with one of the tougher and more efficient engines, the diesel engine. Because diesel engines are more of a challenge than other engines, the reward of skilled diesel mechanic is higher, meaning a fatter paycheck is in store. As there are quite a lot of machinery which uses the diesel engine today, it is imperative to say that this job could always withstand time in the future.

 Career opportunities

 Diesel vehicles are an important part of delivery and transportation industry. A wide range of opportunities wait for graduates of diesel mechanic schools in connection to this industry. They can work in the field of heavy equipment, over-the-road truck maintenance, fleet maintenance, locomotive maintenance, dealership services, aftermarket parts development and specializing. One can also open his own diesel mechanic shop. The field in diesel mechanic therefore offers stability for its workers. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the U.S. would agree, saying that opportunities are very good especially to those who received formal training in diesel mechanic schools. To ensure the quality in the field, a national certification is required. This certification is the standard that diesel mechanic usually pursue after they complete their training. Who says you need a doctorate degree to get rich and be happy? If tinkering, maintaining, repairing, innovating big diesel toys is your passion, happiness and cash will follow suite. What is important is that you live your life doing what you want to do. 


 Since most if not all employers would prefer to hire a diesel mechanic with formal training why not invest in one of the top diesel mechanic schools? Tuitions usually depend on the school. They can range about 3000-16000 dollars. Top three diesel mechanic schools reported by US news include College of Ozarks, Utah State University, and Andrew’s University. All have at most 1:16 teacher student ratio, and a GPA requirement of 3.4-3.6. Other recommended schools with diesel mechanics courses include Penn Foster Career School, Westwood College, Lincoln Technical Institute, Ashworth College, Oklahoma State University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Pearl river Community College, Western Michigan University, University of Alaska, Boise State University and the list goes on.

 It is advised to enter a program within your area so not to add to the travel expenses in going to and fro to your classes. It is easy to find a school with the internet’s help. One only has to sit and use a search engine to find a diesel mechanic school near in a specific location. Speaking of the internet, there are online diesel mechanic schools available, for more information dig into sites through major search engines.

 After the formal training, an apprenticeship is advised to practice the skills learned. School is just the first half of the story, you will need as much experience as you can. You have to work in a qualified company for at least 3-4 years first before qualifying as a professional diesel technician. After school you can now play with the big toys as much as you want under the different career opportunities to choose from.

And since diesel mechanics usually work for some earth moving companies, if given the chance, you will be able to work with big names. Companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar and Kobata are some of these famous names. And if you don’t feel like or don’t like the idea of applying for a job and being subject to an employer, you can always open your own diesel mechanic specialty shop. But you really have to learn from experienced mechanics first before you yourself can become one. As the saying goes, a teacher is a student first.     

 It isn’t easy

 Like anything worth achieving, one has to overcome difficult challenges. Being a diesel mechanic is not easy. During your stay or after getting your certificate from the diesel mechanic school, you may be forced to work under extreme conditions. You also have to work fast and be updated with latest equipment and machineries. In a daily basis you may also have to carry heavy parts. Plus, because you are working with ground moving vehicles, you will have to get down and dirty. Diesel mechanic schools are not for the weak-hearted. One should consider these things before enrolling.