So, you’re surfing the net, looking for a pair of shoes that will firmly crown you as King of Cool. You happen across the site for Diesel shoes and suddenly find your palms moistening and your heart racing. It’s love at first sight. You have just found the perfect pair of shoes. They’re European, ubercool and best of all, they’re a totally unique color.

But wait, there’s a problem! Diesel is European! How will you know what shoe size will fit?! Dry your eyes, champ. The world of Diesel is still yours to discover.

As you would expect from the super-efficient Continentals, European shoe sizes are the same for men and women and are based on the length of your foot. An exact conversion to American sizes is not possible due to the fact that there is a third of an inch difference between American sizes while the European system allows only two thirds of a centimetre, or a quarter of an inch, between shoe sizes.

European Size Conversion Chart

The following chart should help you make an educated guess at the correct size. If your foot is a bit wider than average or right at the end of your American size, Diesel recommends that you consider buying the next size up.

American Size European Size
5 37
5.5 37.5
6 38
6.5 38.5
7 39
7.5 40
8 41
8.5 42
9 43
10.5 44
11.5 45
12.5 46.5
14 48.5

Diesel products are available for purchase in the United States but it is worth looking around on European online shoe stores as some styles may be distributed in Europe only. Plus, when everyone is admiring your snazzy new Diesel sneakers, you can casually mention that you had them shipped all the way from Germany and mumble something about them being a European exclusive. 

Some careful searching online will likely yield a good bargain and thanks to this handy size conversion chart, you’ll have the ultimate in Diesel footwear, and your ticket to coolness, arriving on your doorstep within days. 

So where is the best place to find exactly what you're looking for online? I'd start at Amazon where you can filter your search by color, user reviews, price, and even sort out which shoes are being sold at a discount. If you're serious about finding just what you're looking for that's the place to start.

Best of luck and happy hunting!