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The My Diet Analysis assignment was a useful assignment. It was a quick and easy way to gauge the effects of one's diet on one's self. From the very beginning it was obvious there was a problem with the way I eat. This part was known but never analyzed until now at 27 years of age. The assignment placed a bright light on the amount of fat, calories, and harmful effects of our daily consumption from what we consider being normal foods.

My caloric intake was not as bad as I thought it would be; I was at 106% of my recommended intake. Of course, this discovery was not very gratifying being that my activity level is considered to be sedentary. I am easily, slowly, and continuously placing myself in a state of weight gain. I cannot help but question why it is so easy to lack in the good and exceed in the bad when it comes to eating?

I exceeded in eight of the nineteen listed vitamins and minerals. That means I am lacking in 57% of the recommended essential vitamins and nutrients. These are the stats of someone in desperate need of good health makeover. Chances are I won't make it very far with these poor results. By no surprise I was at 291% for vitamin B12; I'm sure I racked that up by drinking redbull alone, I had two in a 10 day time span. The biggest disparity was with vitamin E, which doesn't surprise me because I can't think of anything that contains that except for maybe a vitamin supplement. No wonder there is a huge market for health products; people feel like crap because they cause it to themselves and take a pill to solve the problem.

I am missing many pieces to my overall diet, mainly the need for a well balanced diet. Three things I can do without much inconvenience is become more active more frequently, take a vitamin supplement, and eat healthier foods. For examples, I have begun walking around the building at work on my breaks, I have chosen to eat a cold cut sandwich from Subway instead of a greasy burger or fried piece of chicken. I believe that with enough time and persistence I will develop the habit of good health and it will become easier to maintain a healthy living style.

Nutritional education has given me a wonderful opportunity to look at my health and diet in a whole new light. I have a new found respect for dieticians. They probably do not get the credit they deserve. Being in this class has helped me understand the reason behind why we eat the way we do. And it frustrates me to know that we can easily misinterpret data, and make a believable myth out of something that people will actually follow instead of the truth. For example, that Atkins diet, as explained, if followed properly can actually allow for healthy weight loss, but hardly anyone followed it correctly. For this reason the diet lost popularity and died off. It is my full intention to take I am learning and apply it to my life for the betterment of myself and my family.