Diet: Cabbage soup and LEMONADE

These quick-fix diets abound, and all have innumerable tricks. Usually require much preparation time, which in many cases is not practical. While these diets can be very enticing because they promise to lose weight quickly, I ask you to think about the fact that we really are not healthy and can have quite serious consequences. Here is a brief sketch of some of them.

The Diet Cabbage Soup promises fast results with odd combinations and a strict regimen of food that lasts seven days. Like other similar programs, this is not healthy nor is any benefit. Any diet that requires eating the same food for several days is not healthy. The Lemonade Diet (or "Master Cleanse"), also found in this category.

Developed by naturopath Stanley Burroughs, the "Master Cleanse" consists of fasting to rid the body of toxins. The idea is that a special lemonade made with maple syrup, juice and Cayenne pepper to clean the body and releases toxins, promising that the majority of people will lose about two pounds per day. Like other fad diets or miracle, detox regimens promise quick weight loss that end up being unsustainable. Extreme diets as the "Master Cleanse" are based on popular beliefs, not on academic research, why it can cause serious side effects to vulnerable people.

Whether Atkins Diet, Dr. Phil, or so many other doctors and experts, most of the diet plans are nothing but low calorie nutrition, promoted with clever marketing tricks that you can not to resist. In fact, fad diets or miracle are very easy to identify, encourage or prohibit the consumption of a particular food. But his proposals are not shared by experts or by recognized organizations such as American Dietetic Association and American Heart Association. These diets can be dangerous solutions. What they do is to significantly accelerate the metabolism, but when you stop the diet, the body metabolism slows down and no longer works as fast as before (which obviously helps a great chance to regain lost weight). How are you restricted diets also key nutrients can cause serious health problems, something very different to what we want. For example, say you follow a fad diet or miracle that limits your calorie intake to 1.000 per day for a month. Your body has an instinctive response to adapt. Although it may lose a few pounds, if you continue with this decrease in calories, the body will say, even in less than a week, "Okay, if we are starving, we have to adapt." And what happens is it starts to save nutrients to "protect", and you stop losing weight and your metabolism is delayed more and more fuel-efficient in processing it receives.

In summary, I would like to discuss other hazards caused by fad diets or miracle:

- Diets that restrict one or two foods are not nutritious and can even be harmful over time (not to mention boring and difficult to follow).
- If a special diet includes supplements, you can spend a lot of money, which could buy nutritious and delicious.
- Weight loss through fad diets usually temporary and short term. Many people that have followed, reporting that they've recovered the lost weight, and more.
- As I said earlier to the exercise should be part of the daily routine to help tone the body, improve the immune system, elevate mood and increase energy.