Drinking too much Diet Coke was the worst thing I've ever done to my skin

Aspertame is not your skin's friend

As you may know, foods have a significant impact on your body. Eventually what you eat will affect the way you look. You are what you eat is a truism. For me, I learned that you are what you drink is equally true. So, what does a person look like when they drink diet Coke all day long? Not good.

During college I used Diet Coke (and a few other diet drinks) to sustain me for about 4 months straight. Towards the end of that stint, my face was in the second worse condition of my life. The first was when I was going through puberty and my skin was pimple central. This was long after that time, and I was without explanation for the many little bumps that were accumulating at the base of my jaw line. These round sacs weren't pimples, they weren't infected, but they were large and sometimes very sensitive to the touch.

Additionally my complexion was extremely sallow, with large pores, and thin skin. Soon, I went to the dermatologist to ensure that nothing serious was actually wrong with me. The diagnosis was frustratingly vague. Indeed I did have these large things but they couldn't be explained. The dermatologist instead prescribed a cream with a salicylic acid. The last thing I needed was for my face to be drier, and considering these small sacs in my skin felt deep, what could a topical ointment do?

Before I left, I asked the doctor if he thought what I was eating and drinking had anything to do with it. He said it may indeed it could, but said there were no studies to prove it. So much for finding common sense at the doctors. They don't prescribe that anymore. So I left with a prescription for something that I knew wasn't treating the root cause of why I had this condition. Frustrated and now even more broke, I decided to experiment on my own and see if my new Diet Coke addiction was the problem. I significantly cut down on all aspartame drinks. Bye, bye Diet Coke. I transitioned to coffee instead, leaving out the aspertame and other fake sweetners. I used stevia, a natural sweetner or drank it with just cream. Within less than a week, not only did I start to feel better, but 4 weeks later all the little hard sacs at my jawline were gone, except for one which was significantly smaller! What a miracle!, er wait no- I simply wasn't drinking Diet Coke anymore.

I encourage everyone who drinks a lot of Diet Coke and has concerns about their skin complexion to stop drinking it for awhile and see if your skin doesn't begin to look better again. Aspartame is indigestible and is "supposed" to go through the body, but in my opinion is some of those chemicals stuck in my internal tissues and formed the bumps in my skin. I had been polluting my skin with Diet Coke.

I know this is anecdotal but for people out there looking for skin solutions, taking in account of what they eat and drink is vital. Yes, on occasion I will have a glass of Diet Coke, but it is a rare habit now. Never will I drink 2-10 glasses a day like I had been because I don't want those bumps coming back nor the other skin problems. If this is your situation, I encourage you to stay off the Diet Coke and see if your skin will reap the rewards as well.