Perfect Healthy Diet

People are always looking for new diet plans and ways to lose weight or maintain their current weight.  One way to maintain a good weight is to consume the healthiest diet possible. The world’s healthiest diet comes from proper food choices based upon whole natural foods. To become healthy you simply have to start eating the way our ancestors did with natural foods which we’ll discuss in this article. The simple healthiest diets come from these foods and once you start consuming them you’ll start to feel and look much better.

Natural Foods Are Key to Perfect Healthy Diet

If you want to become healthy you must consume high levels of natural fruits and vegetables. These foods are full of vital minerals and vitamins and most people don’t eat enough of these foods in their natural state. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables gives your body the nutrition it needs to get through each day.  The typical diet is far too high in processed, refined foods that are full of additives like sugar and salt. When you consume salt and sugar in high quantities you increase your risk of developing obesity and weight gain. When you eat these processed foods you consume “empty calories” which are calories that fill you up at the expense of nutrition. Since your body is starved for nutrients it uses the calories in processed food and stores it as fat because it thinks you are trying to starve yourself. When you eat fruits and vegetables your body burns most of the calories in these foods off, plus you get the nutrition you need. To become healthier you must add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other natural foods to your diet on a daily basis.

Drink Water Not Sugar

Most beverages we buy are far too high in refined sugar. Another key to the world’s healthiest diet is to replace those sweetened drinks with plain water. Not only will you stay hydrated but you will help your body eliminate waste. Sugar drinks can tend to dehydrate you and give you many unwanted calories.  Your diet needs to include a few glasses of plain water each day and you should avoid or eliminate completely sweetened sugary drinks from your daily consumption. You will save many calories in the process and get much healthier. Try squeezing fresh fruit juice into your water for some flavor if you have difficulty drinking plain water.

Perfect Healthy Diet Snacks

We like to snack during the day but often don’t eat healthy foods. Nuts and seeds provide great snacks and they are full of great nutrition. Buy plain nuts and seeds and don’t settle for those that are heavily salted or covered in coating such as caramel or chocolate since this can’t be considered a health snack. Other healthy snack choices include dried fruit, regular fruit, and cut up vegetables. When you feel hungry reach for a handful of nuts to satisfy your cravings.

Herbs and Spices

Season your fresh food with natural herbs and spices and not salty sauces and sugar mixes. Fresh or dried herbs not only taste great but they have minimal calories. Use olive oil and vinegars in salads to replace the cream dressings you may be used to. Try to grow your own herbs if you can but the store bought ones are generally good.

You Can Eat the Healthiest Diet

Eliminate processed food from your diet and switch to fresh fruit, vegetables, whole gains, nuts, seeds and leaner cuts of meat or fish. This is the key to the world’s healthiest diet. You just need to eat natural foods and avoid all the processed junk in the stores and you have a perfect healthy diet.