There may be magic found in the stars or in Disneyland, but sadly, there are no magic “fat-burning foods” that can be eaten alone and will lead to dramatic weight loss.

As with most things, the true magic is a bit more complicated and takes a bit more effort.

While studies have shown that there are a few foods and drugs such as caffeine that do have a minimal effect on your metabolism, these foods must be eaten in conjunction with a balanced diet to get the best befits.  Eaten, or taken alone, no ‘fat burning food’ or drink will be the single key to weight loss.

What are some other foods said to be a ‘diet miracle’ or ‘fat burning’ foods? 

Celery, cabbage, citrus fruits…these help affect quick ‘weight loss’ because they are low in calories but still high in fiber so to help keep you feeling full.  In reality though, they are not giving your body all that it truly needs. 

Remember that when the body doesn’t get a decent balance of what it needs to sustain itself, you actually hinder fat loss and encourage fat storage.  Therefore, when diets consist of these foods and these foods only, most of the weight loss that is represented on the scale is truly water weight.  Unfortunately, water weight is a loss that will come back quickly.  Only true fat loss is weight loss that will drastically improve health, appearance, and stay off in the long run.  

The best way to truly encourage the body to tap into the fat stores is to give it all the vitamins and nutrients that it need, then add a moderate amount of ‘fat-burning foods’ as you see fit.   Once your body has the basics, these vitamins and nutrients will speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to delve into the fat stores for the 500-1,000 extra calories it craves.   Giving your body too few calories, and/or too little nutrition is the last thing to do when trying to get your system to function in a way that will tap into and burn up the fat stores.  

The bottom line is: don’t waste time looking for quick ‘magic’ fixes when you can start making steady progress with a much more filling, more satisfying and truly fat-burning routine.  Use as many ‘fat burning foods’ as you want, but be sure that they are used in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced diet and safe activity routine.