Thyroid disorders makes loosing weight very difficult. Normal dieting and exercise may not be working, so many are temped by diet pills. But, is there a good diet pill for people with hypothyroidism ?

Hypothyroidism and weight gain

Are you gaining weight even if you made no changes to your eating and exercise routine ? Are you following a diet and not getting any results ? These are all very common situations for people with thyroid diseases. It is even possible that someone would be gaining weight will following a diet.

Weight gain is usually one of the early symptoms of hypothyroidism, along with fatigue. Maybe even a little too early : it is possible to test negative for hypothyroidism and still have a thyroid problem. During this time, you would be adding pounds without knowing why, and could have gained a lot of weight before you are properly diagnosed.

Hypothyroidism and diet pills

Some dieting pills do work. Some even work surprisingly well.

Let's take a natural diet pill for example. Natural products, like bitter oranges, are used as a stimulant and are are usually mixed with caffeine to boost your metabolism and burn fat. But this is what you need to know :

Studies may show that diet pills are safe, but those studies will test products only on healthy overweight people. Diet pills are never tested on people with a thyroid disorder.

In fact, there is warnings against hyperthyroidism ( when the thyroid is producing more hormones then it should) and diet pills. But we know also that some hypothyroid patients can be very sensitive to these kinds of stimulants. If your heart is racing when you drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink, a diet pill would not be recommended.

Hypothyroidism and weight loss

There is many degrees of thyroid disorders. It is very possible for example that you are "borderline hypothyroid" and that you tolerate a diet pill very well. That being said, you would still not be dealing with the real problem.

And even if you do see results with a diet pill, what happens after ? What will happen after you finish the bottle ?

To stop the weight gain and finally lose the weight, you will need to educate yourself on your condition. Your body is not reacting the same way to calorie intake as for other people. The thyroid gland and thyroid hormones affects your metabolism directly. If your hormones are unbalanced you need to play by different rules.

To support thyroid functions, you can look into a thyroid supplement. But hypothyroidism and diet pills don't usually mix well