New Adkins Book


  • More scientific evidence to support low-carb weight loss claims
  • Updated diet plans
  • Inclusion of "Lifestyle program" to help sustain weight loss
  • The book is written by an actual Medical Doctor with expertise in this area of study
  • The Diet Plan is more flexible and has been updated


  • The diet plan may not be feasible for many people who cannot stick to a "low-carb" diet
  • Dr. Robert Akins himself had known health problems
  • Too much controversy surrounding the original Atkins Diet Plan, causes apprehension
  • Side effects of the plan still relatively unknown
  • When you get to down to it, it is no different from other diet plans such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers

Full Review

New Adkins Book

Courtesy of the Atkins website


Ok, so you have seen the commercials on the "new" Adkins diet and you have some questions. How is it different from the first Adkins diet? What kind of results can I expect? Do I have to eat only meat? How healthy is this version? Created by Dr. Eric Westman, the "New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight Fast and Feeling Great Forever," is supposed to be a more simplified and healthier version of the first Atkins Diet Plan. It incorporates the same principals as the first diet plan but has been updated to include a maintenance plan for sustaining your weight loss. This current book by Dr. Westman also includes more research studies to support the low-carb weight loss claims, and more sustainable meal plans.

This version of the Adkins Diet Plan allows you to eat a variety of different foods such as more vegetables fruit and whole grains. It also includes 24-week of meal plans to help you maintain your any success you achieve while on the diet program.

In essence, the New Adkins Diet Plan makes more sense. Whereas the old Adkins Diet Plan was more radical and less balanced, the new diet plan includes current scientific information to help you lose weight and safeguard your health. The revisions bring the diet plan in line with some of the more conventional and trusted diet plans such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. The book just takes the simple equation for weight loss, which is calorie restriction, healthy food, and exercises and gives you different ways to accomplish your goal.

In Closing

The important part about the new Adkins Diet Plan book is that it is correcting some of the mistakes presented in the first Adkins Diet Plan. The diet plan is well rounded to include fruit, grains, vegetables and other forms of good fiber. The new Adkins Diet Plan also focuses on providing a plan to maintain weight loss by providing meal plans and more interesting menu choices. It does use the basic knowledge of calorie restriction, diet changes and exercise, which is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.



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