Even the best intentioned liberal suggestions get questioned. It's natural considering conservatives understand the progressive need to expand and control. The child obesity undertaking led by Mrs. Obama is an important endeavor, but the conservative mindset, even though they totally agree with the premise, acknowledges the controlling nature of what needs to be done. Aside from promoting education regarding this issue, what can realistically be done? As with most improvement, it must start at home. Everyone generally agrees on that, but compromise may not go much further. Menu nutrition can be improved in schools across the country, but all students won't (or can't) eat the recommended and provided foods that some would declare necessary for optimum health.

As parents we try to keep our children healthy, but the way we do that is well, the way we think best for our child. It's our choice. Should someone outside the home be able to enforce a students' nutritional habits? Many of us wouldn't trade our burger and fries for a truckload of asparagus! Is that smart on our part? Answering that would be missing the point. An adults' choice to eat a greasy cheeseburger instead of a heaping pile of brussels sprouts is our choice to make. Do you need to be an adult to make that choice?

What about our selected religion? What about our preferred entertainment? Favorite sports teams? Our housing location? Type of vehicle? Our shopping day and provider? What about bedtimes and waking times? Apples or bananas? It would take a real conspiracy theorist to suggest any of these choices could ever go away. In a theoretical society in which that happened, it would need to happen over an extended period of time. Anything other than extremely incremental steps certainly wouldn't be tolerated.

Too many rights can be as bad as a shortage of them. The poor folks of Haiti had the misfortune of the earthquake coupled with the lack of regulatory building codes which allowed structures to collapse all around and on them. While the disaster of an earthquake like that is bad anywhere, buildings and homes across this country are designed to minimize the destruction if it happens.

Many choices are made for us but not by anyone. Owning a Lamborghini might be cool. Being 6'5" with incredible athleticism could be fun as well. Many handicapped or health afflicted individuals would settle for much less. Being married if you're single or single if you're married is the kind of preference that's easily or not easily achievable, of course.

The rights we have are as important as anything; it's just too bad it takes a constant political battle to monitor and determine our exact level of freedom.