It seems the fast food industry is falling all over itself to convince us that their food is healthy. They are always introducing new products to try and "trick" us into thinking that we can eat healthy and still eat at their restaurants. Be careful you don't get fooled by all their advertising... that is a diet tip you can really use.

Just in case some of you don't know; the majority of taste in foods comes from fats or sugars. To increase the taste of many so called "good for you foods" many restaurants add a lot of extra sugar. That completely takes away any of the health benefit you may get.

So when you go to the drive through at your local fast food store, think twice about what is really being added to that "healthy" oatmeal you want to order.

The same thing can be said about virtually every "healthy" menu choice at pretty much any restaurant. For the most part, you can make these options healthy by stripping the extras that are ruining the healthy benefit.

So, instead of adding a ton of maple syrup to that oatmeal, just add some fruit. Take the chicken sandwich off the bun and get rid of the mayo. Instead of the yogurt at a fast food place, just keep some store bought stuff on hand for a snack, that way you can control what else is being put into it.

Of course, eating out is never a great option. Besides all the added things that restaurants add to their food items, you also have to take the size of the portions into consideration.

Restaurants are in a very competitive business and they have to seem like they are providing a lot of value for the money, hence the enormous portion sizes.

Even though many of us either can't avoid eating out, or just plain enjoy eating out, we do have to realize that we can keep our choices as healthy as possible. All restaurants will post their nutritional information.

Do yourself a favor and take some time to look over the nutritional information. Also, keep the mayo and other sides to a minimum. If the portion size is too big to be a healthy serving size, take half of it home for later.

The best way to lose weight is to eat properly and exercise, we all know that. But it's not impossible  to keep making good food choices even when you eat out, it just takes a little planning, time and discipline.

There are many diet tips that can help you meet your goals, one of the best is to pay close attention to what you eat when you eat out. Don't be fooled by the so called healthy options find out for yourself what the fat and calories are before you order.