Any experienced dieter knows that there is nothing worse than having your diet and weight loss get derailed by being sabatoged. Who does the sabatoging in another story altogether, but suffice it to say that we are our own worst enemies.

How to Break the Cycle of Losing Momentum while Dieting

Most of us have experienced being on a diet, sometimes for several months, with weight coming off at a steady rate and then all of a sudden going back to our old habits and gaining back everything we have lost and more. Why does a sudden falling off the wagon occur when we are just gaining momentum and starting to see our goals in sight? We sabotage ourselves in a number of ways and ultimately do not reach our goals. The answer truly lies on our heads and in our preconditioning towards the failures that have been all too prevalent in our previous weight loss attempts.

6 Ways We Lose Momentum While Dieting

1. Depravation while dieting is a big factor in both achieving and maintaining our weight loss goals. We simply fail to find workable long term solutions and cut out foods we love as a short cut.

2. Poor preplanning is another area we can fall down in. We don't plan well for social gatherings or worse yet don't plan at all and end up eating way too much if we eat out. Preplanning is a major factor in success.

3. Failure to set reasonable goals is another way we set ourselves up to fail. If we think we can lose 20 pounds in a few weeks we are mistaken. Even though sometimes it feels like we gain 20 pounds that quickly we don't really, nor will we lose 20 pounds that fast.

4. Emotional eating is a downfall for many. Comfort food, or the concept of it, is not just merely an expression. A large portion of us eat when we are bored, tired, happy, or distraught. You can name any emotion here. Food feels good, and is often associated with the happy times in our lives.

5. Negative internal dialogs are another way we keep ourselves stuck in reverse when dieting. How often did you hear "your plump," or "nobody will want you if you are fat" when you were growing up? If you heard it when you were young, do you still hear it or say it to yourself today?

6. Listening to others try to help us stay overweight while they really are trying to help us. Oh yes, they are supportive with their words and happy for our weight loss, but also don't mind brining a nice dessert around us several times a week or making sure that there are donuts at the morning meeting in the office. The sabotage is subtle, but it is there all too often.

Notice that most of these common diet and weight loss pitfalls are not from outside sources, only the last couple are. The majority of ways we sabotage our diets comes from inside our own minds. If your understand what holds you back when you are trying to lose weight then you will be much more likely to overcome the trappings of falling into the common diet pitfalls.