If you are facing heart surgery in the future or you have just had heart surgery then you should be looking at a diet for heart surgery patients. Unfortunately the need for heart surgery has risen in the past few decades in the Western world. This is an indication of the kind of lifestyle that we are living. No exercise, and bad diets has really seen the rise of heart attacks to epidemic proportions. Fortunately for us in the level of expertise of the doctors in our hospitals has also risen in proportion to this. I suppose that the more heart surgery that is performed, the more experienced the surgeons become, the better the techniques become.

But let's face it, if there is any time that you have to change your diet it is now. Your diet has probably got you into this situation the first place. Even with hereditary heart problems most of us can shift away from the risk of having a heart attack by eating a more balanced and healthy diet. So what exactly does a diet for heart patients look like.

Well a diet for heart surgery patients is very much like a normal healthy diet except that you must avoid certain types of foods. The variety is the key factor here. You must switch around the foods that you're eating to give your body a balance, this also is the case for healthy nutrition. You should stick to as many whole foods as you possibly can get in your diet for heart surgery patients. What is a whole food? Whole foods are basically anything that other nature provides for us. Again you have to avoid a few bits and pieces here and there, but in general whole foods will give you everything that you need.

You should be eating as many fruits and vegetables as you can. This should include as many green leafy vegetables as possible. Don't overdo eating high sugar foods such as grapes. You should also be trying to eat whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal is also good. Like I said, get as much variety into your diet as you possibly can this will help to boost your heart.

What you should be avoiding is salt and sugar especially. These are the two worst enemies. Salt is in so many of the processed foods that you see in the stores that it is almost unbelievable. It is in soft drinks, it is in all ready-made meals, it is even the low sodium varieties. So you should be avoiding all of these things, plus salty snacks, plus anything that you think contains salt. And definitely get rid of any table salt. Sugar is the next thing. There are so many products that contain sugar that it is also really unbelievable. You really have to check everything that you are shopping for before you buy it and especially before you eat it. So anything that has sugar in it, high fructose corn syrup, or sucrose needs to be avoided. Other things to avoid are red meat, whole milk, anything with hydrogenated fats, and all junk food.

I am sure that you are going to receive all of this information from your physician prior to your heart surgery. You will also receive dietary information post heart surgery. But I hope that you will follow good nutrition after you have had your heart surgery and not just consider a diet for heart surgery as a temporary thing. If you get good nutritional levels and exercise regularly you should improve overall and stay healthy for life.