The only diet that addresses parasites in the human body is the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet is sometimes called the PH Diet or Acid/Alkaline diet and we could also say the Anti Parasites Diet. It is the only diet designed to kill parasites.

When you consume foods that are alkaline in nature, you will give your body the nutrition it needs to maintain the alkaline condition of your cells. Parasites that live in your system can cause serious problems with your health and they can not survive when you are following the alkaline diet.

You may be wondering how the pH level of your body and parasites are related to each other. A normal pH for your body on a basic, cellular level is 7.4. This means that your cells are naturally slightly alkaline. The possible parasites include microscopic worms, amoebas, protozoa, bacteria and viruses. None of them are able to survive when the pH is between 7.2 and 7.4.

Here in the United States, we enjoy diets that are typically very acidic. This condition is called acidosis parasites, and can be a contributing cause to many diseases. Parasites also love these acid conditions and will thrive. An alkalizing diet is an anti-parasites diet and can help bring balance back to your body to help you stay healthy.

Sugar, Acids, Candida and Parasites

The fact is that everything we consume contributes to either an acidic or base(alkaline) state. Acidification occurs as a result of the processed sugars and starches that are eaten in high numbers in the Western diet. Minerals and vitamins can be found in the natural sugar sources that we enjoy. Fruits can be acidic, but the existing minerals in them turns them into alkaline by-products in the body. However, processed sugars do not offer this benefit and will make the cells of your body more acidic. As you consume more starches and sugars, you body will gradually become more acidic.

This acidic pH level encourages the spread of parasites and can cause normally friendly intestinal flora to mutate into candidiasis. Candida is the technical term for the natural yeast that your intestine typically always has. There are bacteria which live with it and keep it in a good, healthy balance.

These friendly bacteria can be killed off by consuming too much sugar, or the heavy use of antibiotics. As the balance shifts, the candida can mutate and spread rapidly. Uncontrollable sugar cravings, acne, dry skin, fatigue, frequent sinus infections and chronic yeast infections are all symptoms that the candida are out of control. The high level of candida and low-level of other bacteria can also encourage parasites to thrive and grow unchecked. Worms that are ingested and would otherwise pass harmlessly through the body, find themselves a comfortable, new home in the intestine.

Symptoms of Parasites

The list of symptoms of human parasites is long and diverse.These parasites have the ability to decimate your cells. Their digestive processes also produces toxic substances that can make you even more sick. Allergic reactions, and new food allergies, are common results of the increased level of parasites. They can get into body tissues, the intestinal lining, and can compromise every part of your body including your skin. Healthy tissues struggle and will find it difficult to operate correctly.

The damage to organ functioning can cause stress and damage to your entire body, all your organs and your overall health. You will find that your immune system is compromised and your body is not able to heal itself very well. Even nutrients will not be absorbed properly as a result of these parasites and their activity.

Parasite Diet

But the parasites diet can reverse all of this, restore your body's balance and your health. Keeping your cellular pH between 7.2 and 7.4 will help you clear any parasites out of your body. You will find that acidification process can be reversed, your body can be made more resistant to parasites and you will enjoy improved health.