This is THE Ultimate Guide to Your Fat Loss Journey


You're here for one thing: You want to lose weight. So I'll skip the small-talk and I'll cut to the chase: I'm one of the most effective personal fitness trainers out there, have years of experience under my belt and I've worked with a number of celebrities to give them the weight loss, body recomposition and energy increasing effects they needed.

Working with the high rollers isn't too fun. They tend to be whiny, distracted and spoiled. But we made it work. The experiences I had with them made me see how extreme people can be in terms of how fast and how strong they want their weight loss goals to be.

I've learned that people are different, but the formulas always work the same. What you're reading now is what I consider the most on-point, strongest list of weight loss methods I've ever written or read anywhere. If you follow this guide, I promise you 100% that the guide will bring you the results you desire- that is; all your excess weight gone, with a ton of new-found energy and the toned body you've always dreamed of!

The Reality of Motivaiton
I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting (Vintage Original)
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Here's an informing and entertaining book on the things celebrities can do to stay trim. It's a vital book to open your eyes to the reality of what's going on in the world of glamor.


And those other things, they didn't work, did they? Because you're still here, still looking for answers. Plenty of people have gone through the same stuff. They listened to those TV doctors. They listened to weird gurus talking about stuff you  didn't really believe could work, like chi energy or chakras and all kind of stuff that are really about other things but not weight loss.

I know about those other things. I've worked with students from all fields and had to deal with each of their false beliefs about this stuff before I could help them get to their goals.

I don't want to waste my time or yours talking about what doesn't work. Here, we'll be focusing on what does. But before we begin, let me give you a short list of things that should set off your BS-alarms whenever you come across them:



  • Anything that claims "ancient traditional methods"

  • Any program that's overtly scared about cutting calories
  • Anyone who's trying to sell you surgeries
  • Anyone who says eating some magical super food is the key to losing weight
  • Most people who are on TV. You should never trust TV. Pretty much everything they say there is false.


So with that out of the way, let us dive in, and start doing what works, 100% of the time.


FACT #1:


I can't even believe that things have gotten to this point. All kinds of charlatans and weirdos somehow convinced society at this point that eating below what you spend in terms of calories is a dangerous thing. Let me cut through all that BS like a hot knife through butter: IT'S NOT.

Somehow, everyone today is afraid of "under-eating". They fear that if they eat half of what they were eating before, they'll turn into a skeleton, their thyroid will shut down, they will gain back 30 kilos more than they were trying to lose, and dieting gods will smite them with glucose syrup.


What Actually Starving People Look Like


Why do you think you have body fat on you? What do you think is the function of all that fat on your body? Let me tell you: It's there to provide fuel when food is scarce.

You'll often hear about how there were very few fat people around a generation or two ago. That's because back then, people were crystal clear about what worked and what didn't in fat loss. The simple formula was this:



When you simply eat less calories than the amount of calories you burn, your body will tap into your body fat reserves, and all that fat can finally do what it's been waiting there to do for all this time: It can be used as fuel!

In almost all cases, whenever some "expert" says that you cannot lose weight by eating less calories, call them out on their BS. Of course you can lose weight if you eat less; THAT'S WHAT FAT IS FOR! When you eat more than you need, you store fat; so you can then burn that fat when food is scarce. This is perfectly normal, natural, and healthy. All mammals do the same thing: In spring and summer, when food is plenty, they eat as much as they can and store the extra fuel as fat - and when the weather gets worse and the food goes away, they use their body fat stores to get through the food scarcity.

So, the take away from our first lesson:

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn.

This is an absolutely undisputed, all-encompassing rule in fat loss. I call this a "master rule". Now that you know it, you cannot forget it, and you will know to steer clear of any program or diet "guru" that tells you calories don't matter.

The FitBit - A True Classic for Calorie Counting

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Among all the fitness gizmos coming out nowadays, the FitBit is the one tried and true classic among them, and it works perfectly. It sticks to the basics: Calculates how many calories you've burned, and does it in a fairly precise manner. My brother and I both have one of these. Saves us a whole lot of hassle. Very user-friendly.

FACT #2:


The art of skipping a meal

See, this is where we go from "common sense" to true "celebrity secret" status. I know the phrase "celebrity secret" sounds like some cheesy marketing thing, but it's... well, it's just what it really is. Celebrities have a tremendous amount of attention put onto their looks, and so they have to constantly be ahead of the game. This means finding things that work like a charm, and keeping them to themselves so that people can never catch up to them.

I realized all this after working with several big names and seeing the methods they had been applying for years.

  • Eating food and then throwing up
  • Getting surgeries to reduce their stomach size
  • Getting surgeries to bypass their small intestine, thus absorbing less nutrients from food
  • Getting liposuction surgeries
  • All kinds of image manipulation on their pictures after photo shoots
  • Starving themselves for days before a big public appearance
  • Diet pills, some of which are illegal, that coat the intestines and keep food from being absorbed
  • ...And so on...

If I had to sum these people up in one word, it would be "extreme". Celebrities are willing to anything that's necessary to get their name big, and to keep it big.

The interesting thing is, that although gruesome and unhealthy, all the things they do did work. Although I immediately got them to stop doing all those things and got them on healthy eating protocols ASAP, I did learn from them.

Now, I would never tell anyone to eat and then throw up or to get surgeries just to control their freaking appetite, but one thing I researched further was this "skipping meals" thing.

I remember back when I was in college studying sports medicine, I'd naturally sometimes skip eating for a meal or two, sometimes because I just didn't want to eat, and sometimes because I had eaten a bit too much recently and had to get rid of some body fat I'd built up.

Skipping meals, combined with counting calories always worked beautifully.

So when I turned pro, I decided to try incorporating some meal skipping into my clients' programs. Immediately they'd go wide-eyed and protest; "But the TV said skipping meals was unhealthy, and I'd just end up getting fatter instead!" Needless to say, they were all converted by the time I was done with them, seeing how ripped and healthy they'd gotten through some simple calorie counting and meal skipping.

This concept is known as intermittent fasting, and you can look up more online about it. A great resource is The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler; don't worry, his book is easier to read than his name!

The Warrior Diet

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The original book on intermittent fasting, this is a timeless resource that will tell you everything you need to know about how you should be eating not only for weight loss, but for ultimate health and energy.

And finally, a diet product for those of you who like supplements. I'm not a big pill guy myself, as I don't enjoy spending huge amounts of money on pills that don't work. However, Yohimbine HCL is the one exception to this. Even I had to agree that it works wonders in terms of fat loss when taken on an empty stomach. An added benefit is increased sexual vitality for males, so watch out!

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So here are three of the biggest tips I've learned from working with celebrities. I've got more to write, but I gotta get to practice right now. For now, focus on the resources I've shared in this article, they're all incredibly effective, and then go out and DO IT. Because none of this information matters if you don't go out and apply the things you've learned.

So go out there, read the books, clean out your kitchen, and begin your weight loss journey TODAY! I'll be providing you with a lot of good resources along the way. If you follow what I've had to share with you, I guarantee you that you'll get the results you want. Good luck, and in health!